November 2013 Dow Jones & Nasdaq Forecast

Detailed analysis and forecast of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq.

Also included in this presentation is a discussion and analysis or 10-year Treasury yields, S&P 500 earnings, market valuation and investment strategy.

Some of the questions answered in this presentation include:

1. Where are Tresury Yields Headed?

2. When are Interest Rates Going Up?

3. Do We Expect the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq to Head Up or Down?

4. How Should We Position Our Portfolio Based on Our Forecasts?

5. Is the Stock Market Overvalued? Do We Have a Market Bubble?

6. How are Earnings Doing?

7. What Do We Expect from the Stock Market in 2014?

This analysis is presented by video.

Note: This rate applies ONLY to amateur investors. If you are a professional investors, if you are licensed by a state or federal securities regulator or if you are a provider of financial, economic and/or investment data and insight, please email us for pricing.