August 2017 Commodities, Currencies & Precious Metals (CCPM) Forecaster Webinar

Aug 07, 2017

Register for a Live Webinar Discussing the Commodities, Foreign Currencies & Precious Metals, including a review from the June issue of the CCPM Forecaster, with a Q&A session.  

Date: Tuesday August 8, 2017

Time: 8:30 pm- 10:00 pm EST 

You can also view the recorded session (see payment rates below).


Note: this webinar is FREE only for subscribers to the CCPM Forecaster who attend the LIVE WEBINAR.

Access to the recorded version for CCPM subscribers will be available for a fee if you do not attend the live session. If you attend the live session you will have access to the recorded version (you must be an active participant).

If you are a subscriber to the CCPM Forecaster and you do not attend the live webinar, you will have to pay the same fee that other research subscribers pay in order to access the webinar (please see the price menu at the end of this announcement for rates). 

Who May Attend?

1) All subscribers to the CCPM Forecaster (please check your email to register for this event).

2) Subscribers to any of our other monthly research publications (select your discounted rate below).

3) All Active Website Members (select your discounted rate below).

4) Members of the general public (select the appropriate rate below).*

*Note that if you opt to subscribe to the CCPM within 10 days of this webinar you will receive credit in the amount paid for this webinar towards an annual subscription). Just let us know when you submit payment for the CCPM Annual Subscription. 

What the webinar will cover:

1) Review of the June 2017 CCPM Forecaster, focusing on relevant details.

2) Discussions on trade set up and management.  

3) Q&A session pertaining to interest rates, economics, currencies, commodities & precious metals.

If you PAY for this webinar but are unable to attend the live session we will make it available for review at a later time (the recorded version will be made available within 48 hours).

If you are a subscriber to the CCPM you must be present for the live webinar session if you want free access. We will NOT make the recorded version available unless you pay for it. The cost for CCPM subscribers to view the recorded webinar will be the same as the cost for other subscribers to our research (please see the rate menu below).*

*We realize that the scheduled time of the webinar will make it impossible or impractical for some CCPM subscribers to participate in, but the selected time was chosen to fit the schedule of Mr. Stathis according to his availability. 

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