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Is Mike Available for Speaking Events?

Mike is sometimes available for special group training sessions and speaking events.

If you have an interest in booking Mike to speak at your event, please contact us and inquire about availability and fees.

Under no circumstances will Mike speak for free so please don't ask. If you want a free speaker, contact one of the countless individuals who position themselves as an investment or business "expert" and will speak for free in order to sell his or her books, programs and funds.

If you want a professional speaker who will give you the illusion of value, there is also a very long list to chose from. But if you want your group to be injected with unique insight, business and investment intelligence, feel free to contact us and inquire about rates and availability.

If you would like Mike to be a participant of a group session or serve on a panel, please keep in mind that Mike is very strict about distancing himself from sources of low or questionable credibility, as well as dishonest and/or exploitative individuals.

If your organization would like to schedule Mr. Stathis or another member of the AVAIA team for an event, please inquire about availability and fees. You can hire a professional speaker who will give you feel-good hot air and motivational BS, or you can hire us for critical insight and analysis. You decide.

Below are just a few of the topics Mr. Stathis has presented for groups:

  • Intermediate and Long-term Economic and Stock Market Forecast
  • How to Manage Risk
  • How Wall Street and all business schools inaccurately characterize investment risk
  • Key Ingredients for Successful Investing
  • How to Determine Securities Valuation, OUR WAY
  • How to Determine Valuation of Anything
  • Investing During a Crisis
  • Practical Approaches to Measuring and Managing Risk
  • America's Financial Apocalypse
  • America's Healthcare Crisis
  • The Real Estate Market: Past Present and Future
  • The Truth About Mutual Funds
  • The Truth About Hedge Funds
  • Optimizing Intellectual Property
  • How to Raise Venture Capital
  • Investing in Private Equity
As of June 5, 2014, Mike Stathis is no longer offering free interviews.
Mike has been banned now for nearly eight years since the release of America's Financial Apocalypse and nearly six years since the financial crisis, which he predicted in detail in America's Financial Apocalypse.
Despite Mike continuing to hold the leading investment research track record in the world since 2006, the media continues to ban him. However, at some point we predict the media will come to us and ask for interviews. But the media will need to pay for his time.
No more freebies for Jewish media scumbags. You had your chance. If you want valuable content you are going to have to pay for it. Otherwise you can continue to air Jewish con men and call them experts.
We provided an open door to the media for many years. Our purpose was to inform and help the public. Instead, we were banned and the public got screwed.
We previously provided our research for free, but our ban by the media changed everything.
For those of you who would like access to Stathis' insights, you can blame the criminal Jewish-run media scumbags who have banned him.
The media chose to ban Stathis because Stathis speaks the full truth and Jews fear the truth.
The ban by the media has also extended throughout the internet, Google, Constant Contact, iContact and other Jewish-run criminal organizations that seek to shut Stathis down and or harm his business and exposure.
Stathis' widespread ban has not only has resulted in the loss of tens of millions of dollars he should and would have received once people learned about his track record, but more important, the mass disinformation by the media and its largely Jewish "experts" has resulted in main street being steered into the sewer once again.
Accordingly, all interviews given by Mike Stathis will now be billed at the rate of $5000 hourly.
Make no mistake. The media relies on content it uses to attract an audience. And it leverages that audience as its primary means to generate advertisement revenues. Thus, if you want valuable content you are going to have to pay for it. Remember, you had since 2007 to get all of the interviews you wanted during the most important period in decades when Mike could have added unlimited value to your audience, but you opted to air con men and idiots instead.
We will not give interviews for You Tube channels unless the channel has at least 50,000 subscribers. In addition, if the channel has a history of interviewing idiots, Mike will not provide an interview under any circumstances. We will charge $3000 per hour (billed at 1 hour intervals) for those eligible You Tube channels that wish to interview Mike, but under our conditions. Mike's insights are priceless and if you want valuable content you are going to have to pay for it. Mike will NOT disclose any forecasts in interviews. We do NOT give away our world-leading research.
We do not expect any inquiries from the corporate media monopoly (which also includes so-called "alternative media") because we understand how the media works.
The media does not want the truth from unbiased experts. The media exists to make money for its corporate sponsors at the expense of consumers. This is why the media has banned Mr. Stathis and this is why the media is constantly positioning individuals with little to no credibility as "experts," knowing that very few people will bother to check and see if they really have credibility.

Any media agencies that do have an interest in our unbiased expertise please email us for a media kit if you have an interest in interviewing Mike Stathis or another member of our research team. 

About Mike Stathis

Mike Stathis is the founder, principal, and Chief Investment Strategist of AVA Investment Analytics, which is a division of Apex Venture Advisors. Mike is also the Managing Principal of Apex Venture Advisors, the parent company of AVAIA.

He is directly involved in the management of the firm and oversees all investment consultations to hedge funds, investment advisors and individual investors. 

He is the leading authority in the world on the economic collapse, as determined by his written forecasts and insights, as published in America's Financial Apocalypse, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, the Wall Street Investment Bible, America's Healthcare Solution, in addition to more than 1200 articles, videos and research reports.  

Mike previously worked for UBS and Bear Stearns where he provided investment advice, securities analysis, risk management and trading strategies to high-net worth individuals, pensions, mutual funds, hedge funds and corporate treasury departments. While working on Wall Street, Mike quickly differentiated himself as a leader in thought.

He was the only professional in private client services at Bear Stearns to also hold a position in the biotechnology merchant banking department.

After Mike outgrew Wall Street, he left to form his own firm which focused on the private markets. He later expanded to include public market research.

Mike's investment expertise spans several industries. His technology focus in both the public and private markets is healthcare (including healthcare IT) and biopharma.

Prior to his work at UBS and Bear Stearns, Mike completed hundreds of college credit hours in the sciences (enough for several PhDs less the research), including countless graduate level courses in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, immunology, physiology, pathology, and so forth. He holds a Masters of Science in biophysics and biological chemistry and a minor in mathematics, and was a National Science Foundation Research Fellow at UC Berkeley where he performed research in solid state physics. He has also performed chemistry research in oil, as well as alternative energy (theoretical aspects of solar and hydrogen fuel).

Mike has also taught a course which he designed himself on biotechnology at Southern Methodist University. 

Mike is one of the leading independent and results-based thinkers in the financial world. He is not pretentious. He is not a pseudo-intellectual. He delivers top insight and analysis. It's that simple.

Why Mike Stathis? Why AVA Investment Analytics?

On the rare occasion when journalist professionals want to deliver the most accurate insights regarding all aspects of the capital markets, they turn to us. This explains why you do not hear about us in the media. When they want to protect their political and financial agendas, they censor and ignore us and opt for seasoned marketers with agendas and terrible track records.

Mike Stathis holds the leading track record on the economic collapse in virtually every category, as demonstrated by his written track record in market, commodity and currency, precious metals and real estate forecasts. He is so confident of this that he has issued a $100,000 guarantee to the first person who can prove otherwise. This offer was issued in mid-2010 and runs through the end of 2015.

In addition, his insights in valuation analysis, risk management, macroeconomic dynamics, political analysis and securities fraud detection are second to none.

If you are a professional journalist searching for valuable insight and analysis, we stand ready to provide unbiased interviews on a first-come basis.

Our track record is second to none.

If you are looking for the typical BS, please do not contact us.

Please familiarize yourself with Mike's track record prior to contacting us.

At the very least, if you have questions about the economy, stock market or related issues and you have not read America's Financial Apocalypse, DO NOT CONTACT US.

You WILL be quizzed by someone from our firm to ensure you have read the book.

If you have questions about healthcare and you have not read America's Healthcare Solution, DO NOT CONTACT US.

You WILL be quizzed by someone from our firm to ensure you have read the book.
If you are not willing to summarize the track record of Mike Stathis prior to introducing him for your program or articles, please DO NOT CONTACT US.

Why would we make these unconventional requirements? 

Everyone else lines up for media exposure because they want free PR so they can pitch their BS because they are snake oil salesmen. We are providers of the highest quality investment research.

It is critical that Mike is positioned in proportion to his accomplishments and track record, especially since he has been banned by the media and most people have no idea he exists. If you are in the media and are unwilling to abide by these modest requirements, kindly DO NOT CONTACT US. We do NOT need the media. We have the valuable content, not the media.

We are not here to fill a news slot. We expect to be positioned with respect to our track record.

If you are looking to fill a gap in your radio slot, and you are not intimately familiar with Mike's track record, please do not contact us.

DO NOT CONTACT US if you are seeking to interview Mr. Stathis for his views on the Jewish Mafia or the countless con artists and clowns we have uncovered. This is insulting and we view it as an attempt to marginalize Mike's primary expertise in the capital markets. In addition, it reveals such individuals as naive simpletons.

If you want your audience to know what Mr. Stathis thinks about these topics and individuals tell them to visit out site.

Mike Stathis is one of the leading investment experts in the world. Thus, any interview requests should pertain to his role as an investment strategist and analyst, and should highlight his track record. If you would like him to discuss some of these other ancillary topics, you need to fit them into the interview which is focused on the economy or the capital markets.

To contact us requesting an interview specifically for the purpose of hearing what Mr. Stathis has to say about the scam artists pushing gold tell us that you really do not know his track record or realize his stature in the investment world. You would not request an interview with Warren Buffett to hear what he has to say about Alex Jones would you? Such is the same with Mr. Stathis.

Valuable content is the single most important ingredient absent from the media today. Valuable content is all we produce, with no agendas or bias.

Remember that WE are the ones in control here, not the media. We have the content, not the media. The media is designed specifically to facilitate scams and lies. We are not media whores, unlike all of the media's sources who will bend over backwards for exposure in order to get free PR.

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