60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves Master List

Sep 06, 2012

This list contains 60 securities we think will be poised to deliver outstanding returns.The List has been developed by our equities research team overseen by Mike Stathis and is the result of screening more than 1000 securities, factoring in economic risk, valuation, fundamentals, market risk and valuation and other variables.

The List contains the short interest data from April and May (three data points per security), short interest ratio data from May (two data points per security).

The List is further categorized into several sectors and serves as the initial starting point for analysis of additional downside or short squeeze.

You will also receive a shorting tutorial and the Master Key to a “How to Short Stocks: Critical Lessons from the Intelligent Investor”  (which shows charts labeled for each security).

Finally, you will also receive a whopping $300 discount off of the regular price of the 9-hour video series which analyzes these securities.