60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves

Sep 07, 2012

This video presentation highlights 60 securities we think will be poised to deliver outstanding returns, IF you know when and at what price to enter.

This list of 60 securities has been developed by our equities research team overseen by Mike Stathis and is the result of screening more than 1000 securities, factoring in economic risk, valuation, fundamentals, market risk and valuation and other variables.

For each security we will present an overview of risks specific to the firm, as well as external risks and opportunities, relative valuation, desired entry price and our price expectations.

We will also discuss certain assumptions that were factored into the selection of these securities as well as a general forecast of market movement over the short, intermediate and longer-term.

We will devote more time to those securities we feel offer the best chance of significant upside.

60 Stocks Poised for Huge Moves