World's Best Market Forecaster Continues to be Banned by the Media Crooks

It's simple folks. The Jewish Mafia wants to SCREW YOU by creating the illusion of valuable content. This is all part of the Jewish media scam.

The purpose of this scam of course is to sell advertisements to companies that aim to get the most out of their ad dollars.
To assist in this heist, the financial media always seems to promote chumps who they claim are experts. In reality they are contrarian indicators, broken clocks, market manipulators, complete idiots and con men.
Interviewing these pseudointellectual pinheads and con men pleases the Jewish financial firms that advertise with the Jewish media because the audience is certain to eventually come running to these firms for assistance after having lost a good deal of money listening to the media’s “experts.”
And of course the vast majority of these so-called experts are also Jewish. That means we are talking about widespread discrimination folks.
The biggest problem with this discrimination isn't the fact that Jews are the ones receiving millions of dollars in free promo from their buddies.
The big problem is two-fold. First, by discriminating in favor of Jews irrespective of their track record, it means better qualified professionals never get a chance to show what they know. As a result, numerous non-Jews are missing out on millions of dollars in business by not receiving the exposure they deserve based on the media’s big lie that they are providing their audience with credible experts.
What you end up with is a media portal filled with idiots such that the audience never realizes that real experts exist because they have become conditioned to the sphere is bull sit offered by the Jewish media monopoly.
The media sets the bar so low by airing Jewish con men and idiots that the audience is unaware that there are some experts who could provide excellent guidance. This results in the audience getting the shaft. It also makes it very difficult for those who are not Jewish (and who are therefore not permitted in the media) to establish a track record.
The second big problem is the media’s so-called “experts” all have lousy track records. That means those who watch, read or listen to the financial media are going to be led into the slaughterhouse. 
Wake up or keep getting screwed by the Jewish Mafia.
Open your eyes. Look around. Take notes.
Do you really think it’s a coincidence when 2 percent of the population is overrepresented by otherwise statistically impossible representation in the media, financial industry, legal system and many other industries?
Wake up. Start asking questions. Begin demanding answers. Stand up for your rights. And most of all, BAN ALL MEDIA.

Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showing that he was the only one to not only have predicted the financial crisis, but also showed specific ways to land huge profits.


Check here to download Chapter 12 of Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble.



View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.

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