Dividend Gems Scores Another Huge Winner

Not only has one of our dividend gems returned 50% (excluding dividends) over the past 5 months (and Mike recommended readers buy positions right when it bottomed) but Mike also successfully guided active investors through the up and down swings of the stock prior to the breakout.
Imagine someone being able to provide accurate trading guidance for up to 45 securities in a monthly publication. This is what we do at Dividend Gems.
Click here for a basic video about Dividend Gems.
What else would you expect from Mike Stathis other than unbiased, world-leading insight?
His amazing forecasts have established him as a living legend.
For those who are not yet aware of his track record, I highly suggest you make it a top priority to take the appropriate amount of time to examine it.
View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.
Once you do, you will realize that he could very well be the sharpest investment mind in the world.
One thing is for certain. No one who is familiar with his track record can deny that he is certainly one of the very top forecasters and investment strategists in the world today. Given that fact, you need to ask yourself why the media continues to ban him, because I can assure you that most financial producers and editors know who Mike Stathis is.
Stathis is also arguably the world-leading expert exposing charlatans, many of which are regular contributors to the media monopoly. The reality is that the media is nothing more than a criminal operation run by the Jewish Mafia.
The main objective of the media is generate advertisement revenues while enriching its Jewish tribesmen. It accomplishes these objectives by creating the illusion of valuable content as a way to make money selling ads.
The media could care less about its audience. There is no code of ethics in the media industry that requires one to report the truth. And according to the Supreme Court (which is also very Kosher) the media is legally permitted to MAKE UP LIES about anything it wants, with no legal consequences.
If you look closely you will notice that the vast majority of so-called experts pumped out by the media are Jewish. Look at all of the analysts, economists, pundits and fund managers in the media and ask yourself what percentage are Jewish. We have and it's around 90%. The other 10% who are Jewish work for Jewish-run firms.
Moreover, if you examine the reporters, editors, producers and media executives you will also note that the vast majority of them are Jewish. The few who are not almost always have a Jewish spouse. And you will never see an Asia reporter unless her husband is Jewish (for example, Connie Chung and Joo-Joo Chang).
Think about it. If the content produced by the media was truly valuable, financial firms would have much less interest spending big dollars advertising.
The key is to steer the audience into a position such that it will eventually require the assistance of the sponsors, whether it be a full service or online brokerage firm, a mutual fund company or an insurance company.
This is why the financial media does not air real experts. Doing so would present a conflict of interest with its advertisers.
This is why it is so important to spend the appropriate amount of time researching the track records of anyone you decide to listen to. This is especially important when the topic is investments.
Many of the monkeys in the financial media don't even have real track records. Once you spend an adequate amount of time researching the media's "experts" you will realize that about 95% of them are idiots.
The remaining 5% rarely if ever provide you with anything of real substance because that is not why they are there. They are there to market themselves and their firm.
[We don't have the time to fully document Mike's track record from his publications because his research is so accurate it would take a staff of three people dedicated full time to this job alone. And we want to try and keep costs to a minimum so we can sell out research as inexpensively as possible.]
View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere and here.
Some of you probably do not yet know what real investment research is because you have been conditioned to accept trash by the copyediting bullshit published by one or more of the many con men from the financial newsletter publishing industry. This is a huge industry. And it is filled with con men.
We cover the ins and outs of this industry, the key players, their tactics and scams in the ENCYCLOPEDIA Of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen & Faux Heroes.
See here for more information on Membership Benefits and Special Bonuses.
For the most comprehensive list and details regarding investment con men, gold pumpers, idiots, trash media, fake “truthers” and more, check out the ENCYCLOPEDIA Of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen & Faux Heroes.
We continue to add to this massive publication constantly. Combined with all links to articles, it contains thousands of pages and hundreds of videos.
Having access to this massive resource is like enrolling in a university program teaching you how to spot con men and their tactics.
Imagine how much money you will save throughout your life if you know how to spot con men. 



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Once again, Mike Stathis nailed the most recent market sell off in April.

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