Mike Stathis Predicted the Latest Selloff AGAIN

That’s right. Mike Stathis accurately forecast the recent market selloff AGAIN.
Yet, he continues to be banned by ALL MEDIA. Instead the criminal media feeds its unfortunate victims blabber mouths and idiots, all with shit track records.
In the September 2014 Market Forecast, Mike stated that he felt the Dow would sell off down to the 16,600 to 16,500 range.
He also stated that he was certain this decline would occur over the next month and maybe 5 to 6 weeks. The analysis was first made on September 5, 2014.
By October 2, 2014, the Dow reached his forecast target of 16,674. One wek later and it has corrected twice more but has remained in his 16,600 to 16,500 range.
He also stated that he felt that the Dow would rise higher over the next few days. At the time of this analysis the Dow was just under 17,000. A few days later it would soar to 17,350 then begin to sell off.
In addition, unlike in the past when he has recommended investors to go to cash in order to avoid the selloff and then reenter at the bottom, he only advised very active investors to buy at the 16,600 area.
He made this alteration from past recommendations because he felt there was a good chance that the market would mount at least one rapid rally followed by another selloff soon after. And only active traders would be in a position to navigate this volatility (with the help of Mike’s forecasts of course).  That is exactly what happened.

Below are excerpts of the September 2014 US Stock Market Forecast. 

Where is the stock market headed next? 


Mike just released the October 2014 US and Emerging Markets Forecast. This month, the US Market Forecasting presentation contains 3 podcasts and 2 videos. He discusses everything you can think of and more, including forward guidance into 2015, investment strategy, oil, the dollar, the global economy and much more.
You won’t find this level of forecasting precision and accuracy anywhere in the world. We guarantee it.
And you probably won't ever find anyone with such accuracy, insight and knowledge in so many areas of the investment realm. Do such individuals exist? Most likely, but  they sure as hell can't be bothered to offer their knowledge and insights to you.
You can access Mike's world-leading US and Emerging Market Forecasts by subscribing to either the Intelligent Investor or Market Forecaster.
So which would you rather listen to? Clowns who make a soap opera off of trivial events like tapering and so forth, or guys who provide accurate forecasts, deliver a variety of recommendations based on different situations all while educating you?
Ask yourself from which person do you stand to make money while raising your investment IQ.

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Mike Stathis Predicted the Latest Selloff AGAIN

  That’s right. Mike Stathis accurately forecast the recent market selloff AGAIN. Yet, he continues to be banned by ALL MEDIA. Instead the criminal media feeds its unfortunate vic......

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