Wall Street, the Media, the CIA and Facebook: Confluence of Fraud, Deceit and Espionage in the Decay of Society (Part 1)

In many ways, the social media craze really isn’t much different than its trash TV counterpart, which often features episodes from the lives of self-absorbed, dysfunctional, attention-seeking individuals who have allowed TV cameras into their homes for the chance at fame.
Perhaps the most ironic aspect of “reality TV” is that the majority of these shows are scripted. Regardless whether you tune into the Learning Channel, the History Channel or the Biography channel, you’re likely to run into one of several broadcasts of wasted air time highlighting the challenges of morbidly obese individuals in their quest to lose weight, resolve behavioral issues and other unfortunate predicaments. Other shows place idiots and heathens on center stage for a fighting match.
Most of these programs are specifically intended to pervert and corrupt society through glamorization of vanity, greed, promiscuity and vulgarity, as only the Hollywood establishment of homosexuals, pedophiles, drug addicts and other demented souls could accomplish.
And for the highly dysfunctional audience seeking free medical guidance, Hollywood has even gone into the mental health arena, pumping out shows with quacks and life coaches (who need coaches for their own lives) into TV celebrities.  
Dubbed the “Queen of Talk” by the media, Oprah Winfrey has been responsible for promoting a long list of snake oil salesmen. After just one appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, most of these con artists became household names overnight. They have gone on to write dozens of useless books, many based on lies providing horrendous investment advice. They sell greed while offering their sheep the Holy Grail of money, love and happiness. In some cases, they have gone on to start their own TV shows offering the same kind of trash we have come to expect from Hollywood.
Millions of naïve individuals have been duped by these clowns forking over hundreds of millions of dollars. They have bought their books, enrolled in their coaching programs, and attended their seminars and retreats. At least one of the charlatans promoted by Oprah has been responsible for the deaths of some who followed their advice.
A few years ago, after being introduced into the televised media circuit by Oprah, self-proclaimed “Spiritual Warrior” James Arthur Ray held a retreat near Sedona, Arizona.
During one of the events, attendees were manipulated by Ray to sit in a sweat lodge for two hours for “mental conditioning.” Several individuals were hospitalized and two died as a result of this event.  Have a look at Ray's website
Despite all of the con artists Oprah has endorsed and promoted over the years, not once has she taken responsibility for the damage caused by individuals she promoted, nor has she received real criticism for her lack of due diligence prior to featuring these charlatans on her show. Instead, Oprah continues to be praised as someone who has contributed immensely to society.
Rather than provide benefit, Oprah has been a huge disaster for society. Remember, Oprah gets her blood money from advertisements and endorsements. That means she is owned by corporate America, and thus works for the enemy of the people.
Regardless whether we are talking about obese people struggling to lose weight, or bimbos who are comfortable desecrating their character in front of millions of viewers, the common element found in most of these shows is that they focus on the miserable aspects of the show’s participants. I suppose the intent is to make viewers feel better about their own lives. Yet, it seems to have produced the opposite effect. In many cases, these thugs, sluts and scum bags are thought of as stars.
The more serious side of television broadcasting is reserved for socioeconomic and political brainwashing. In America, it’s called the “news.” Regardless which channel is selected, each of these news programs delivers the same messages one would expect from the most tightly controlled and manipulated media in the developed world. Overwhelmingly, news broadcasting in the U.S. is engineered to promote:
Fear: using lies and deception so that the people feel worried about the threat of terrorists; this keeps America’s war machine going so the cronies are able to bilk taxpayers of trillions of dollars, all while feeding the military-industrial complex.
Hope: so that they feel better about the struggling economy; these cheerleading activities are designed to boost consumer confidence so people will feel better about the economy and their future prospects. This encourages them to spend more money, which expands economic growth.
Confusion: so they are unable to determine what is going on without the assistance of the media; this serves as a mental anchor that ensures the media will maintain its audience for which it is able to continue to lie to, all while making money from advertisements.
Distraction: in order to make them forget about the real problems; By constantly filling the airwaves with sports programming and Hollywood celebrity news, the audience focuses more on Lebron James and Brittney Spears than the current economic situation, for if they truly understood the realities of America’s economy, healthcare system and political workings, they would have seized Washington by force long ago.
Greed: to keep consumers spending on things they don’t need and can’t afford; This approach plays not only into the hands of the media’s corporate sponsors, but it also sets the stage for Poker infomercials and stock market shows aired by these networks and their sister stations.
Overall, the goal of the media is to weaken the minds of Americans so that they are more easily controlled by government, and to boost consumption so that the Ponzi scheme economy continues. This makes it easier for Washington to remove the freedoms and liberties once enjoyed by Americans, largely without protest, all while expanding the profits of corporate America, Wall Street and the banking system.
The media crime bosses send hundreds of additional messages promoting the agendas of the Jewish mafia, such as interracial marriages, multiculturalism, gay and lesbian lifestyles, greed, vanity, perversion and promiscuity designed to destroy the attention span of its audience, dumb them down, pervert the human spirit and destroy individualism.
Commercials serve as the critical portion of the broadcast media because these segments provide the majority media revenues through advertisements. Corporations send millions of dollars to ad agencies and PR firms in exchange for creating psychologically and emotionally alluring ads. Many of these ads try to convince viewers they are depressed or have some other medical disorder or disease, offering these otherwise normal individuals prescription drugs or nutritional supplements.  
When they aren’t glued to their TV sets, many coach potatoes and social misfits spend a good part of time on social media sites. Often, they do both all while texting, sexting, IM’ing or speaking on their smart phone. While these individuals often take pride in their ability to “multitask,” five minutes later they can’t tell you who they were texting, IM’ing or speaking to. Many become slaves to their electronic devices. And this is precisely what the entire political and economic establishment wants.
Similar to contemporary print and broadcast media, the content found on social media websites largely resembles trash. Today, when one mentions social media people usually think of the most popular social media website, Facebook. The appeal of social media stems from the mythical benefits of digital access and communication. Users can share pictures, videos, chat, post article links, post, read and receive comments by others about themselves or any of the content. I suppose social media is meant to serve as an e-friend, e-support group and e-bulletin board.
Some users specifically restrict social media use to close friends and family, while others seek to connect with anyone who share their interests. Facebook and other social media sites claim they help people form closer bonds with friends and colleagues. In reality, social media does the exact opposite, by encouraging people to focus more on superficial blurbs rather than meeting their friends in person or picking up the phone and having a real conversation; and that doesn’t mean texting. 
With each day, more people young and old are beginning to realize the dangers of social media.
Other advocates of Facebook claim it serves as a way to promote themselves, their business, and share their hobbies and thoughts with the world or whomever they select. But this can also be accomplished by posting to a blog.
For many, it seems that the real appeal of Facebook is that it helps to satisfy their self-absorbed, exposure-seeking ambitions which have been inspired by Trash TV.
Facebook also offers possibilities for “love connections” and meaningless “hookups.” Others simply have too much time on their hands.
Perhaps least appealing of all (unless you’re a teen), Facebook offers (in my opinion) some of the most useless video games in existence designed specifically to manipulate impulsive, brain-dead individuals into running up huge credit card bills so they can provide their avatar with a more fashionable wardrobe, or to advance to the next level of nothingness.
When a social media video game company completes an IPO for a $10 billion valuation, it provides more support of the existence of a bubble in social media.
Social Media, Sex, Lies, Murder and Pornography
As wonderful as these features sound, we certainly cannot overlook the risks one assumes when they use social media sites.
There has already been a good deal of criminal activity and scam operations on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook.
And we cannot forget about the widespread dissemination of pornography. There’s even a thriving segment of the online pornography industry that sells sexually oriented pictures and videos obtained by MySpace and Facebook accounts.
Even more disturbing are cases of sexual misconduct by minors. A 2008 survey indicates that about 20 percent of U.S. teenagers have sent nude or seminude pictures of themselves to friends or posted one on a website. The consequences could include a prison sentence and having to register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.
These unacceptable behaviors point to some of the more obvious dangers of social media. However, we cannot blame the kids for these behaviors when they are constantly being brainwashed by teenage and adult sluts who have been glamorized by Hollywood.
When a girl becomes rich and famous only because she (intentionally) leaked a video of her having sex onto the Internet, parents shouldn’t be surprised when their kids turn out the way they do.
Because parents look the other way, the message to corporate America is that these slutty reality celebrities are acceptable. As a result, many of the largest retailers and brands have shelled out millions of dollars to secure endorsements from these sluts and scum bags.
Aren’t there any responsible parents out there willing to ban consumer brands that endorse these celebrity sluts?
Do you REALLY think your kids haven’t seen Kim Kardashian's sex video? Wake up.
Ultimately, parents are to blame for the inappropriate behavior of their children because they permit them to be exposed to this trash. But they are also responsible for the twisted, disgusting, perverted and morally destructive programming from Hollywood, pop culture and the rest of the media because they have not protested in mass. It would appear that most parents are less focused on monitoring what their children are exposed to, and more focused on checking their Facebook account and texting with their smart phone.
Kids repeat what they see on TV, especially from those they admire. The dangers of the Internet should serve as sufficient impetus to restrict minors from using social networking sites. But don’t hold your breath. One of the primary targets of social media is young people. They are the easiest to brainwash and they spend a great deal of (Mom and Dad’s) money buying clothes, music, electronics, food and beverages.
When discussing the dangers of children using the Internet, social media and other digital media, we cannot leave out the terrifying problem of unhindered access to Internet pornography. Think about this for a minute. If you have a child, he or she won’t be able to purchase Playboy Magazine from a cigar shop. But they WILL be able to view the vilest pornography online at any age…15, 12, 9 and 7 years old.  This is one of the most worrisome societal problems today in my opinion. Yet, it remains unaddressed.
If you are a parent with children of ANY age, and if you aren’t making a HUGE fuss about this issue, in my opinion you are completely irresponsible and incapable of raising children appropriately. 
In the early days of the Internet, the Communications Decency Act of 1996 required all Internet porn sites in the U.S. to verify the age of each person through the use of a credit card. The following year this protective law was removed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Shortly thereafter, the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 (COPA) was passed in order to provide protection to minors. But this too was eventually struck down in 2004 by the ACLU.
The ACLU is a Jewish-run organization that claims to fight for the protection of civil liberties. However, the ACLU only cares about protecting civil liberties when it is in the interests of Jew individuals and the Jewish mafia. In recent decades, the ACLU has successfully fought for gay and lesbian rights, the removal of prayer from schools, and the removal of all religious figures from government property.
Oddly enough, an enormous Jewish Menorah is erected on the White House lawn every December. Clearly, the ACLU aims to boost the profits of Jewish-run pornography industry while destroying U.S. society.  And they have done a damn good job of it. Similar to the Anti-defamation League (ADL), the ACLU has been destroying U.S. society one day at a time for decades.
I think it’s time for Americans (and especially parents) to put an end to social media manipulation and data mining. At the very least, parents should keep their children off social media sites. Permitting minors to use social media sites plays into the hands of the Jewish mafia.
Through the assistance of the Israeli spy organization and hate group, the ADL, Americans are now being told that they could face criminal charges for "cyber bullying" and "hate speech."  As well, the ridiculous hate crimes legislation written by the ADL threatens to hold Americans liable for thought crimes.
Never mind that it is impossible for white people to be victims of a hate crime according to the law. Never mind that black-on-white is much more prevalent than white-on-black crime. A crime is a crime. And there is no one who is able to read the mind of the criminal who committed a crime to determine whether "hate" was involved. Regardless, the use of "hate" against a group as a motivation for a stiffer penalty is ridiculous. A crime is a crime.
[Note: Zionist Jews are known to portray their critics as hypocrites as a way to discredit the person so nothing they have stated (especially when it comes to criticisms of Jewish crimes and control) will not be seen as credible. Thus, if I am ever charged with possession of child pornography, you will know who is responsible for framing me.]
 Part 2 of this three-part series, which consists of the following sections: 
  • Facebook's Bait-and-Switch
  • Do You REALLY Trust Mark Zuckerberg?
  • Jews Policing Jews Always Leads to Crime WITHOUT Punishment
  • Facebook and the Jewish Mafia
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