Agora Financial Copywriting Clown Dan Ferris' Best Stock Pick Ever Video Pitch. I'll Give You the Name of the Stock for Free

If you want to see how con artists operate, watch the video I've posted below. 

Warning: these videos tend to last an hour or longer. But if you have the time to kill you can learn how con artists operate.  

What amazed me most about this video is that in the fourty-plus years Agora Financial has been in "business," with hundreds and hundreds of newsletter writers it calls "experts," not once have they landed a 20-bagger. 

That's shocking when you consider that when you're dealing with those kinds of numbers, by chance alone, out of the hundreds of jug heads that have written newsletters through Agora, there should have been at least a few 20-baggers over that four-decade period.  But there wasn't a single one according to Ferris. 

That just goes to show you how pathetic Agora Financial is.

Aside from that, Agora is a huge copyrighting boiler room filled with liars and con artists.

Take Porter Stansberry for instance, the con man who has reportedly taken the helm at Agora.

You remember Stansberry don't you? Not only was he sued by the SEC for ripping off his newsletter subscribers, he's also the clown who teamed up with Alex Jones to flood the internet and TV stations with his "End of America" doomsday infomercial video back in 2010.

If you had listened to Stansberry and Jones, you lost your ass AND you missed out on the second longest bull market in US history!  See here, here and here.  

That just goes to show you how pathetic Agora is. Aside from that, Agora is a huge copyrighting boiler room filled with liars and con artists. 

Meanwhile, I landed a 100-bagger when I recommended readers of the Wall Street Investment Bible to buy Netflix at a split-adjusted price of $3. 

My latest 20-bagger has been Nvidia.  Nvidia has been on the Intelligent Investor recommended list since it was in the low-teens.  Keep in mind that this list typically only contains about a dozen stocks.

Before the artificial intelligence wave began to take off very few investors had even heard of Nvidia. I was one of the first analysts in the world to have recognized Nvidia as a great stock with massive long-term potential.

In fact, I listed Nvidia as my #1 pick for long-term capital appreciation in the very first issue of the Intelligent Investor in June 2009. Think about that.  

So here's the deal.

After Ferris spends most of the video pitch trying to convince you how great he is using the typical deception copywriters are infamous for, he tells you how great the stock he has discovered is and how it's virtually no risk. 

He mentions it's the greatest stock pick of his career.

Once you find out what this stock, you'll probably agree that his claim is more of an indication of how miserable his career as a stock picker has been. 

After spending more time convincing the audience how great he is by using inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims, he tells you that you can learn the name of this "20-bagger" stock for the deep discounted price of $500. This gets you two years of his bull shit newsletter.

Of course he doesn't mention that you will also be bombarded wuth endless trash from him and his scum bag associates at Agora trying to sell you all kinds of additional trash. You see, the newest trick used by copyrighting con artists is to lure you with free or very inexpensive offers in order to seie control over your mind via bombarding you with a barrage of other charlatans. Before you know, if you're like most sheep, you've taken the bait. 

Regardless, it was really easy for me to determine what the stock is that Ferris is talking about. 

And I will guarantee you that the stock I am about to list is in fact the exact same stock Feriss is talking about as the "best pick of his career,"  

Are you ready?


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If you want to see how con artists operate, watch the video I've posted below.  Warning: these videos tend to last an hour or longer. But if you have the time to kill you can learn how con arti...

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