We Predicted the Market Correction AGAIN

Here, we provide readers with a glimpse of our market forecasts between February and April 2012 demonstrating once again that we are the best market forecasters in the world.

As many of you recall, our Chief Investment Strategist, Mike Stathis accurately forecast a bottom in the Dow Jones Industrial Average to around 6000 in his 2006 landmark book, America’s Financial Apocalypse.

The list of accurate forecasts published in this book goes on for days.

While everyone else was fixated on the bailout of Fannie and Freddie in August 2008, Mike went on to revise this forecast to around 6200-6400 for the collapse in the Dow. He warned that earnings were going to collapse over the next few months and this would send the Dow to the 6000 range.

Remember, he already knew Fannie and Freddie would be bailed out because he wrote about this in 2006.

As far as we are aware, he was the only person in the world to have written that Fannie and Freddie would be bailed out by taxpayers in America’s Financial Apocalypse.

He reiterated this forecast in November 2008 while everyone else was stunned by the financial bailout.

He even recommended investors to short these stocks in his 2007 book, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, but very few took notice because he had been black-balled by the media.  Instead, the media featured charlatans with lousy track records who had been saying the same thing for decades.

As we have pointed out many times, these individuals always maintain the same stance for eternity because it is their sales pitch. They are NOT research analysts or investment strategists. And they are not experts. They are marketing strategists.

Notably, the vast majority of charlatans promoted by the media have always been and continue to be Jewish. We have written about this blatant discrimination by the Jewish-run media on several occasions.

It is being carried out for the dual-purpose of generate unjust enrichment for their tribe members, as well as ensure that Wall Street (the financial sponsors of the financial media) more easily takes the money of Main Street by bombarding their audience with the viewpoints of these clowns and snake oil salesmen.

The media is preying on YOU, just like Wall Street.

They don’t care whether you’re Jewish or not. If you're Jewish and you are part of the club, you’d know about by now. Otherwise, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us, so you had better defend yourself and call out the criminals and liars instead of defending your tribe. 

The most problematic result of this is that those naïve enough to pay attention to these media celebrities have been steered down the ally of doom.

They have missed out on the greatest stock market rally since the Great Depression.And that was after morons like Cramer told his sheep audience to buy several bank stocks (or hold them) like AIG, Lehman, Bear Stearns and others right before they collapsed.




Most of these clowns keep warning the sheep who pay attention that the Dow is headed to 1000, all while issuing all kinds of doomsday scenarios.

Some even advised investors to short the U.S. stock market using 200% leverage since November 2010.

Others claim to have "inside" information about the gold market as they line up with conspiracy radio shows. This is the easiest segment of sheep to target because they are perhaps the most unsophisticated of all investors, and they will believe ANYTHING so long as it has a conspiracy attached to it. In reality, many of these gold pumpers have been sued by the SEC.

In addition, some of these clowns even continue to claim that the U.S. dollar is worse off than the euro. Now they don't ACTUALLY believe this. You'd have to have to be insane or extremely stupid to believe this. The deal is that these guys are SALESMEN.  And the first rule of sales is this...find a sales pitch, a good one that will lure in sheep...and NEVER EVER CHANGE YOUR PITCH!

The list of ludicrous statements coming from these clowns is endless. In other cases, they make completely false claims about the economy and their track record.

Once they have the fish hooked, they reel them in with promises of gold to $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 per ounce. Of course, they failed to mention that they are gold dealers and/or they are being paid for pumping gold and/or selling ads. 

Yet, the media continues to air these clowns because the sheep audience remains much too stupid to realize they are being taken to the cleaners.

The fact is that…

…once hyperinflation fails to materialize in the U.S.

…once gold fails to hit $10,000 or even $5000

…once silver fails to reach $500

…once all of the bullshit these clowns have been preaching fails to pan out, MOST PEOPLE WON’T REMEMBER THEY WERE WRONG!

And they won’t give a damn anyway because by that time they will have already made plenty of money from the sheep.

Peter Schiff is a perfect example of a guy with a poor track record, but who is now very wealthy because he benefited by being Jewish and therefore was promoted by his Jewish crime bosses in the media.

Similar to other salesmen who target naive unsophisticated investors, Schiff made NO specific forecasts in any of his books that I am aware of.

He only made a few GENERIC bidirectional predictions (i.e. up or down) so that his odds of being right would be 50%. And even many of these predictions turned out to be wrong.

Do yourself a favor and read all of Schiff's books and then read all of Stathis' books. Compared to Stathis, Schiff is a child and Stathis is the professor. Now I'm not talking about the wording because Schiff didn't even write his books. They were written and edited by professional writers. I'm talking about the accuracy of forecasts, they depth of explanations.

This just doesn't apply to Schiff. It applies to all of these guys who specifically focus on luring in CNBC sheep.

The funny thing is that Schiff doesn’t even realize this, or so he claims (based on an email exchange we had with him). He has actually convinced himself that he is successful due to the merits and value of his business.

The fact is that without the help of the media, Schiff would still be earning a 5-figure income.

Ask Schiff if he thinks he can even come close to matching Stathis track record, and ask him if he is willing to back it up with $1,000,000 (as we are) and see what he says. Then ask him why Stathis has received 0 media attention, why NO ONE on any website even mentions his analysis and accuracy of his forecasts.

Call his radio show and ask him on air. Go ahead, JUST DO IT...


INTERNATIONAL: 1-571-480-4151
SHOW HOURS: Weekdays, 10am-Noon ET

Guaranteed he will try to talk his way out of the corner as usual.

I'll tell you why. Because Stathis is the ONLY credible expert who speaks the full truth and nothing but the truth, without bias or prejudice, all while having the highest credibility possible. This is seen as a threat to the media's sponsors. If Stathis were Jewish, he would be able to get over these "barriers." 

Speaking of Schiff's radio show, it's just what you'd expect from a man who is much more of a marketer than strategist or analyst. 

The kind of rhetoric on the show is also what you'd expect from a man who wants desperately to get elected to Washington...repetitive, poorly constructed arguments geared to appeal to simpletons about economics, finance, healthcare and just about everything else he discusses.

But don't tell his sheep followers that. They are much too naive and unsophisticated to realize anything other than what Schiff has fed them.

I wonder why Schiff is so determined to get elected to Congress. If you ask the Schipples (our term for Schiff's sheep) they will tell you because he wants to restore the free markets and the same BS that the Ron Paul sheep believe about Paul. It's really too funny to watch so many people be played for stool pigeons.

Could it be that Schiff will be able to leverage the insider information privy to Washington officials? 


Not only did Stathis predict the bottom in the Dow, he was the ONLY person in the world to have also called the exact bottom when he recommended investors begin buying into the market on March 9, 2009.

Unlike the clowns in the media who were telling investors to buy when the Dow fell to 13,000, then 12,000, then 11,000, then 10,000, then 9000, this was his FIRST market buy signal in years. 

Unlike others who claim to be market timers yet failed to advise their listeners and readers to sell before or even during the collapse (Bob Brinker – this guy is a complete joke; he also black-balled Stathis), Stathis navigated the most catastrophic collapse and rebound in the stock market since the Great Depression. And he has continued with this breathtaking accuracy since then.

You see, we navigate the ups and downs in the markets.

Others stick with the buy-and-hold approach because they have no clue what they are doing.

If you ever run across a buy-and-hold guy, especially if he is pimping European and Asian investments and refuses to offer U.S. stocks (like Schiff) you should run like hell.

The fact is that all of these so-called experts spend most of their time marketing themselves because they really have no clue what the hell is going on.

And they sure as hell don’t have an inkling as to what to do or what will happen next. 

Why in the hell would anyone hand their money over to guys who spend the vast majority of their time in marketing activities?

Since the Intelligent Investor newsletter was launched in June 2009, we estimate that our market forecasting provided an accuracy rate of 90% to 95%. This is earth-shattering.

Most market forecasters are lucky if they amass a 60% accuracy rate.

Yet, the media continues to marginalize Mike's ability to add to his track record, while imposing a direct financial assault on our firm through barring our world-leading insights to be heard.

If Stathis’ only claim to fame was his remarkable market forecasting track record, he would surely be recognized as one of the leading investment minds in the world.

But he is also one of the best technical analysts anywhere. And his ability to present complex forecasts in a very simplified manner is unprecedented. His analysis is not only high-yield and easy to grasp but it is most often very accurate.

Combining his proprietary approach to securities valuation with his technical analysis and market forecasting expertise, he is also one of the best securities forecasters, able to predict short- and long-term bottoms.

He is also a recognized expert in valuation analysis and risk management. He applies these disciplines to distressed securities analysis, which he has established a long track record of success (see the Wall Street Investment Bible).

Some professionals are really good at valuation analysis, others are more broadly accomplished in fundamental analysis; others are really good at technical analysis while others are good at securities trading. Some are good at distressed securities analysis.

You aren’t going to find many people who are really good in all of these areas.

Listing all of Stathis’ accurate forecasts over the past few years would require hundreds of pages; from economic and market forecasts to securities recommendations and trading guidance, real estate forecasts and so on.  In contrast, his misses would fill a small paragraph.

Just have a look at a few of the predictions he made in America’s Financial Apocalypse.

Now we present our market forecasting material from February 2012 through April 2012.

You will notice that some content and charts have been blacked out.

This has been done because many of our forecasts not only address the near term, but also the intermediate and long-term and we certainly aren’t going to give this analysis away for free.

We have also blacked out some charts we feel offer readers unique insight.

Again, we are in the business of selling research and analysis. And we are damn good at it.

Unlike the vast majority of websites out there, we are not in the business of reposting useless news articles and useless commentary by rookies who have no clue what’s going on in order to generate hits in order to sell ads. Keep that in mind when you visit our site. 



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So where are the Dow and Nasdaq headed from here?  




Who is most likely to know the answer?


Peter Schiff?  How about Marc Faber?     


Maybe you'd like to ask Robert Prechter?  


Or maybe you would rather ask Porter Stansberry?  


The list of professional marketers who seek to lure naive and desperate investors is endless.



Each is likely to tell you the same thing they have been saying for 3 years now.



They are going to tell you that the Dow is headed to 1000-2000.


Folks, that is NOT market forecasting. It's a sales pitch designed to scare suckers into forking over their money in exchange for the road to riches.


If you want to know where the U.S. markets are headed, along with those in China, India and Brazil, we recommend you subscribe to the Market Forecaster


If you want world-class U.S. and emerging market forecasts, commodities, currency and precious metals forecasts, economic analysis, securities recommendations and trading guidance, subscribe to the Intelligent Investor.


It is the most comprehensive investment newsletter in the world.


More important, our track record is unmatched ANYWHERE.


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