Mike Stathis is Offering a $100,000 Reward

Previously updated on January 15, 2013. 

Last UPDATED on July 22, 2016.

July 22, 2016 UPDATE: We have again extended the duration of analysis of Mike's track record from October 2006 to December 31, 2016. And we have extended the deadline for submissions for this $100,000 reward to September 1, 2017.


In August 2009, Mike Stathis posted a reward for the first person who could prove that there was a financial professional that could match his track record before, during and after the economic collapse. 



In August 2009, Mike Stathis posted a reward for the first person who could prove that there was a financial professional that could match his track record before, during and after the economic collapse. 

He began at $10,000, but was raised to $50,000 a few months later. By the end of 2009, the reward was raised to $100,000. 

The reward was set to expire two years from the date of inception, or in August 2011. 

Since that time, thousands have reviewed this reward notice, but not a single individual has submitted an entry. Perhaps the reason for this is due to the fact that a good deal of Mike's track can be found in the public domain, so those who have examined it know that no one comes close to his record.  

We have extended the original deadline several times in order to encourage credible submissions. 


Here is a good portion of Mr. Stathis' track record.

As of October 4, 2012, we have extended the time period of this offer since there were no successful entries.
In addition, we extended the time span of assessment of Mike's track record to January 2012.  Therefore, the period of assessment is from October 2006 to January 2012.  This offer was good through October 2012. 
We extended this offer again through 2013.  We later extended this offer through 2015. 
It is clear to everyone who has thoroughly examined the track records of those who made forecasts and predictions over the past several years that Mike Stathis holds the leading track record in the world on the economic collapse.

Why would the media ban the expert with the world's leading track record in this economic collapse?  

Answer: to ensure that the media's sponsors (the financial industry) takes your money by interviewing extremists and other with poor track records. The media has brainwashed most people to think those they position as experts are in fact credible experts, when the facts tell a different story.

In order to illustrate this, Mr. Stathis is now offering a $100,000 reward to the first person who can identify anyone who has matched his record on the economic collapse, from October 2006 (the release of America's Financial Apocalypse) to December 2009. 

Mr. Stathis has specifically allocated $100,000 held at Discover Bank in an account specifically held for the purpose of awarding this amount to the first person who can demonstrate that there is at least one person who can match (or beat) his track record in the collapse.

Wanna try Jim Rogers?  Good luck. Ask Jim himself and even he won't be able to talk his way out this one.

What about Peter Schiff?  Similar to Rogers, Peter predicts hyperinflation and the dollar will go to zero, while rarely offering any specific forecasts for real estate, stock market movement (other than down, even when it was at 6400). 

Nouriel Roubini?  He's much worse. While Roubini attempted to forecast market movement, he has been wrong most of the time.

Faber?  Even worse. 

In fact, these men and others are all buddies. They run in the same crowd.

These men support extreme views as a manner by which to promote panic and fear, which helps sell their services. And the financial media loves this because when their extremist forecasts don't pan out, investors turn back to Wall Street, the source of the financial media's main income.

The following link represents a partial account of Mike Stathis' track record.

We know for a fact there is no one with a track record even remotely close to his, and could easily set the reward at $1,000,000 or $20,000,000, but we wanted to keep the reward at $100,000 to convince you we are serious about this offer.   

In order to submit a valid entry, you must show the following:

  • Breadth and comprehensiveness of the track record, from real estate forecasts, stock selection, and market forecasts.
  • Timeliness and Accuracy. The forecasts will be scored for when they were given.  Forecasts that were many years too soon or were not specific are of less validity. For instance, some individuals like Peter Schiff, Martin Weiss and Robert Prechter have been "predicting" doom and crashes for well over a decade. In the meantime, the stock market soared.  Even in the desert it eventually rains.


Here are the requirements, guidelines and conditions of this reward offer: 

(1) The evidence must come at least partly in the form of a professional publication, such as a book, research paper or report, and/or televised broadcasts. 

(2) You must submit your candidate's entire track record. You must not only include what they may have predicted that was accurate, but you must also submit what they predicted that was not accurate. You must also include vague or generic predictions, all data and analysis. We will use this material in order to determine the accuracy rate. We will also check wording in order to qualify the validity of all claimed predictions. You cannot cherry-pick the forecasts to build a case in your favor. Yo must submit a summary (with references and actual documentation) of all of the forecasts made by your chosen expert.

(3) Your candidate must have professional experience and/or expertise in economics and the financial industry.

(4) Blogs are not acceptable due to the possibility of altering content and the fact that there is usually very little backing as well as the fact that blog posts often cover the full gamet of possibilities throughout time. If someone is making predictions using only a blog, they are not credible experts.

(5) Make certain to carefully read and listen to the forecasts of your selected expert. We will scrunitize open-ended or generic wording so as to determine the true validity of all predictions and forecasts. 

(6) You can only submit one entry, so choose your expert wisely. Before you proceed, you are advised to familiarize yourself with Stathis' track record.  You should then begin to conduct your search for other experts who can match his track record. Then you will see there is no one in the world who can match his forecasts and insights. 

(7) The forecasts will be compared to Mr. Stathis' track record as published in his books America's Financial Apocalypse and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, as well as his online posts.  They will include macroeconomic forecasts and insights, stock market forecasts, real estate forecasts, commodity and currency forecasts, and other insights demonstrating a superior understanding of the issues facing the U.S. that have contributed to the Second Great Depression.

(8) If there is a candidate that has demonstrated a record remotely close to that of Stathis, we will then compare his or her track record from the AVA Investment Analytics newsletters, but not until then since we hold this material as trade secret available only for our subscribers.

(9) We reserve the right to make your submission public at our descretion. If you claim copyright to your submission, you agree to license it for publication by all means utilized by AVA Investment Analytics. 

(10) You are to provide your name, contact information, occupation, any affiliations with your selected expert, and other information. 

(11) All serious entries that have adhered to these guidelines will receive a written response which discusses Mr. Stathis' track record, compares it to your submission, and discusses whether your submission qualifies to receive the $100,000 reward. 

(12) We have up to one year to provide you with a written response, as determined by our firm.

(13) Our decision may be used in a court of law if you disagree with our findings. However, you will be required to sign release forms that state your will be responsible for all of our court costs if you lose your case. In addition, if we feel you have intentionally burdened us by sending the case to court, or if we feel you have been negligent in abiding by ur guidelines, we reserve the right to take legal action against you.

(14) If we conclude that your submission falls short of the requirements as set forth by these guidelines and/or when compared to Mike Stathis' track record, we will submit documentation of Mr. Stathis' track record along with yours to an independent auditing firm who will make the final decision. Prior to retaining the auditing firm, we will transfer the $100,000 to be held in escrow contingent on the results from the auditing firm. The entrant will be required to provide for all expenses and fees charged by the auditing firm. You can only select from one of the large well-established auditing firms, so as to ensure there are no misaligned interests, and we must agree to your choice of auditors. Once the submissions have been sent to the auditor, the time limit for the decision will be determined by the auditing firm. Neither party will have contact with the auditing firm other than for providing information.

(15) If any of these requirements and guidelines have not been adhered to, we reserve the right to disqualify your entry at any time. 

(16) These requirements, guidelines and conditions are subject to be amended at any time. However, if we alter, add to or delete any of these guidelines or conditions after we have received your submission, we will notify you of any changes if applicable so you are in full compliance.

(17) If you submit a serious and well-documented entry that is in compliance with all requirements, guidelines and conditions laid forth, we will send you additional documents that more fully explain the process of claiming this reward. You will be required to sign and return all legal documents before we will officially accept your submission as a credible entry. 

(18) The period covered for this reward is between October 2006 and December 2009. Although Mike continues to register a spectacular track record, we must set a stop date somewhere.

(19) If you fail to provide the complete track record of your entry, your entry will be disqualified, and you will not be permitted to submit another entry. 

(20) We only permit one (1) submission per person. And we permit only one submission per family. If you are a financial profesional working for a firm and you wish to submit your own track record or that of one of the associates employeed by your firm, there can be only one submission from this firm, regardless whether the submission is entered from an individual employee or the firm itself.

(21) We reserve the right to make changes, deletions or additions to these official criteria. Such changes, deletions and additions will be made effective to all submissions so long as they have been made prior to the receipt of each submission.

The requirements, guidelines and conditions laid forth are in accordance with professionally recognized standards used by auditors, researchers and other professionals who verify credibility in cases of expertise and for the purposes of verifying official documentation of historical accounts. 

Why not email or snail mail this reward announcement to the media since they seem to think they have identified the leading experts? 

I'd say some of them could use the money since they are likely to lose their job due to the financial problems facing the industry. 

Perhaps if the media focused more on delivering insights from unbiased experts with solid track records instead of serving the interests of their financial sponsors, the industry might actually be in better shape.

Call Cramer: 1-800-743-CNBC  Cramer knows who Mike Stathis is and he also know that no one can come close to his track record on the collapse, but like all of the other media crooks and liars, Jim Cramer fears Stathis because Stathis represent the TRUTH.  In fact, most of the CNBC hacks (including the producers) know about Mike Stathis, America's Financial Apocalypse and his brilliant track record because we spend the time to notify them for many years.Most reporters and editors of the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Bloomberg and other print media also know about Stathis, but again, they do not want to let people hear from leading experts. Instead, they fill you with propaganda from their Jewish friends.

To contact a reporter for the Guardian,

Tell the Guardian, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the new York Times, the Washington Post and all of the other media establishments that continue to claim Roubini predicted the collapse that they are WRONG. Ask the for the proof.  Writing generic things on a BLOG hardly qualifies as a prediction.  Where were the specifics????  Call these liars out.






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