Does AVA Investment Analytics Have Insider Information?

In the November 2010 issue of the Intelligent Investor newsletter, our Chief Investment and Trading Strategist, Mike Stathis added Atheros Communications (ATHR) to his recommended list.

At that time, shares were selling for around $32. In December, Mike reiterated his bullish sentiment for ATHR.

Most investors hadn’t heard much about ATHR. This is a company that managed to keep a relatively low profile over the years, although it had quickly emerged as a leader in Wi-Fi devices.

Mike had been following ATHR for over five years and knew the company well. During that period, he had traded in and out of the stock. In November 2010, Mike made the call to get back in again.

The following month, Qualcomm (QCOM) announced an all-cash buyout, valuing ATHR at just under $45 per share.

As a result, subscribers to the Intelligent Investors were able to snatch a nice 40% in just weeks. 




Mike also discussed several other securities that have soared. The vast majority Mike’s recommendations have significantly out performed their respective indices. And as you know, the market indices have been on fire since hitting multi-year lows in March 2009. 

For instance, in the very first issue of the Intelligent Investor, published on June 2, 2009, Mike discussed 3 securities he liked for long-term growth based on his valuation analysis as well as fundamental assessment. He recently discussed these securities.



The next chart shows how each of these securities has performed since that issue versus the Dow.


(the Dow is in red)


The next chart shows how these stocks performed in 2010 through the first couple of weeks in 2011.



The next chart shows a more recent chart (updated through the first few days of January 2011). Notice how two out of three of these securities have blown past the spectacular performance of the Nasdaq.


(the performance of the Nasdaq is shown by the red line) 


Let’s have a look at the updated performance of these three stocks.


(the Dow and Nasdaq are in green and yellow respectively)


Eventually, our entire track record for each newsletter is likely to be published.  Over the past few months we have presented several reports showing the performance of our recommended securities.

While a good portion of Mike's market forcasting track record can be found in the public domain, much of his record since the Intelligent Investor newsletter was launched remains unpublished. We plan to get this published later in the year so you will see that he has one of the best market forecasting track records in the world.

However, you should expect these reports to be delayed by 1-2 years because we do not want to reveal our securities positions or market forecasts to unpaid readers while they are still relevant. We will NEVER give away this intellectual property for free. We are in the business of selling research and investment analysis. We are not in the marketing business like so many others you hear of.

Many of you already know that Mike was the ONLY person in the world to have warned about a Dow 6000-6400 AND told the WORLD to start buying at the exact bottom (6500).

He even pinpointed the collapse of the market several months in advance.



When you add in all of the other detailed forecasts he made prior to the economic collapse, it should be clear that no one can come remotely close to his track record.

Apparently, everyone who has visited out website agrees.


Despite nearly two years running and thousands of views, we have not received a single submission in response to our $100,000 reward being offered for the first individual who can prove the existence of another expert who can match his track record.


Subscribers to our newsletters continue to reap huge benefits from Mike's brilliant insights, recommendations and forecasts.


We have kept subscribers in the market for about 95% of the time since Mike advised the entire world to start buying the Dow at 6500 in March 2009. 


That means all you would have needed to do is buy a market index ETF like the DIA (Dow), SPX (S&P 500) or QQQQ (Nasdaq) and you would have gained 80% to 120% returns in less than two years.


And if you had followed Mike's securities recommendations, you'd have registered much higher returns.


Finally, of you had followed his trading guidance, your returns would be even higher. 


In contrast, virtually everyone else has been warning of a collapse for over a year now, causing those who listened to them to miss out on the greatest market rally since the Great Depression.



The only guys you’ve heard about who have been talking up the stock market are the same guys who were bullish in 2007 and 2008. That means they have NO credibility and cannot be relied upon for accurate and unbiased guidance.


Either way, if they are in the media, they are extremists or else they are there to influence you for their benefit.

The following links show our track record since the Intelligent Investor has been released. See here, here, here and here for our track record.   

[Note this is not complete, as it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to document our record because we do not issue simple buy and sell signals like others. Instead, Mike gives his sentiment and expectations, while providing a trading forecast. Thus, several scenarios are possible for each analysis. Finally, because Mike covers market forecasting, commodities and foreign currencies, we would need to hire a full time staff just to publish his full track record in a timely manner. While most of his securities performance has been published, we hope to eventually publish the full securities track record, as well as his market forecasting, foreign currencies, commodities and foreign currencies track record. However, due to the extensive manpower required to accomplish these tasks, we expect this to occur on a delayed basis.]

There is only one stock that is down from dozens we have covered since the launch of the Intelligent Investor, most of the others are up by a huge amount. And the one exception is only down by 5% since we last recommended it. As a matter of fact, this security is testing a critical technical resistance. If it breaks it, shares could soar in coming months.

And once again, we aren’t talking about high-risk stocks here folks. These are solid companies. Mike has established a spectacular track record of knowing when to buy, when to sell and when to stay out of the market altogether.

The facts are clear. Mike has registered a near-perfect track record in every forecasting category he covers, from foreign currencies, precious metals, the U.S. and emerging markets, to real estate.  As well, his securities recommendations and trading guidance have been unbelievably accurate.

Okay, so many of you already know about Mike’s amazing track record.

Well, Mike has done it again.

Recently, another one of Mike’s recent securities recommendations soared after a buyout announcement. 

Just a few days ago, subscribers to our newest newsletter, Dividend Gems were treated to another buyout, enabling them to snag more than 15% in less than two weeks.

So what’s the name of this security?  National Health Properties (NHP).

On February 28th, Ventas, a competitor of NHP, announced a $5.8 billion buyout of NHP. Have a look at the charts.





Folks, we’re not talking here about options trades, or gambles on risky stocks.

Our spectacular gains have come from solid companies.  

This leads me to address the focus of this article.

Based on these and many other remarkable calls, as well as Mike’s spectacular market forecasting track record, many readers have sent us emails asking if we have insider information.

After all, AVA Investment Analytics provides valuation analysis, investment and trading strategies and risk management to institutional funds. As well, Mike is a Wall Street insider, so could he be receiving inside information?  This is the question we have been receiving.

The answer is NO.

Neither Mike nor anyone else affiliated with AVA Investment Analytics has any access to or desire to obtain insider information. In fact, Mike discusses this topic in The Wall Street Investment Bible.

“Real insider information rarely reaches individual investors. More often than not, investors are fooled into thinking they have insider information when in fact they don’t. More often than not, false rumors are disseminated as insider information by hedge funds that take advantage of unsophisticated investors.

CNBC has formed much of its media strategy based on giving viewers the perception that they have some “special” information or insight that’s unavailable elsewhere. This is why so many sheep continue to watch this network. Anyone who thinks they can gain valuable insight from CNBC obviously hasn’t researched the track records of its guests.

Let me be clear. If you watch CNBC, FBN, Bloomberg or any other financial program, you are a sheep. These networks certainly don’t provide valuable insight. In fact, they often manipulate stocks by interviewing fund managers, analysts and pundits who have vested interests in securities they discuss.

Chances are you’ll never have access to real insider information. And if you do I will guarantee you it won’t come from watching television, reading investment blogs or stock chat boards.

But always remember this. If you do happen to come across real insider information and you act on it, you’ll face some harsh consequences. Sophisticated investors would never use insider information since the risk of being caught is not worth the potential gains. Sophisticated investors want to be around a long time so they can take money from the herd. If you feel the need to take advantage of what you think is insider information, you have no business investing. Consider a trip to Las Vegas instead.”

We have something much better than insider information. We have access to the insights of one of the most talented investment and trading strategists in the world.

Why is this better than insider information?  Because Mike’s insights and guidance is as close as one can get to actually receiving insider information without being illegal. Furthermore, you’re much better off if you know how to fish versus being handed the fish. And Mike focuses on teaching readers how to analyze securities, capital markets, currencies and commodities, determine your asset allocation, measure and manage risk, and other tasks critical to the investment management process.

So how does Mike do it?

Mike’s process is simple to explain, but very difficult to execute.

You see, while that vast majority of professional investors and fund managers focus on one or two areas of expertise like fundamental analysis or technical analysis, Mike looks at EVERYTHING. And he is able to know when economics and fundamental analysis is more important than say technical analysis or sentiment, and vice-versa. Thus, we view his most valued skill to be his judgment.

If you want to get a rough idea how he is able to accomplish so many tasks with such a high level of success, a good starting point would be The Wall Street Investment Bible.

We don’t like to focus on our spectacular gains as a selling point because we do NOT want subscribers who seek “easy money” or fast gains. 

First and foremost, we want subscribers who are committed to raising their investment IQ. And our newsletters are specifically written for that purpose.

Ever since the release of America's Financial Apocalypse and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble more than four years ago, Mike’s forecasts have been virtually spot on. 

Going back to 2006, with the release of America's Financial Apocalypse, when gold bugs were focusing on the real estate bubble, Stathis was warning of a depression and a global collapse of the financial system and capital markets.


He was predicting gold at over $1400, silver at over $30, oil at over $100, real estate prices to collapse by 30-35%, and the Dow to collapse to the 6000 level.











[Mike has been bullish on gold since late 2001, when I began recommending it for clients. He has been bullish on oil since late 2003]



He also recommended shorting Fannie, Freddie, other mortgage stocks (LEND, NFI, FMT) which are now 0, as well as the homebuilders and banks in Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, released in 2007. 





















[Note that America’s Financial Apocalypse and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble enabled readers to take advantage of shorting the securities shown in the above charts. However, the notation in each lists reference to Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble since this book was specifically focused on a shorter-term investment strategy, having been focused more on real estate and related securities, although it discussed several other assets listed in America’s Financial Apocalypse.]



Can you find another book that has ever specifically recommended that readers actually short a stock? Don’t waste your time looking for one because it doesn’t exist.


Mike even gave a tutorial on shorting in the book and provided a brief analysis as to when to short each of these stocks.


As part of his warnings abiut a banking collapse, Mike was the ONLY person to have specifically warned of a collapse in General Electric, General Motors and Countrywide Financial. Some of you may be thinking that his Countrywide call was nothing special. But keep in mind that Countrywide was considered to be one of the safest mortgage companies through much of 2007.










He warned of an inflationary depression that would cause the entitlements program to take center stages as America's long-term challenge. These books are so far ahead of the curve even today, it’s uncanny.


Mike was also the first (and remains as the only) person to have uncovered the details underlying the Washington Mutual heist by JP Morgan and the Fed.


He also exposed the forced buyout (by the Fed and U.S. Treasury) of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America immediately after the deal was announced. Recall that NO ONE else discussed this deal was forced upon Bank of America until AFTER Ken Lewis started leaking the details more than a year later.


Anyone familiar with the stunning accuracy of Mike’s forecasts and the scope of coverage, whether it  is in securities valuation, market forecasting, swing trades, distressed securities analysis or bankruptcy predictions is likely to agree that Mike Stathis is one of the top investment experts in the world.


There are very few who can match either his accuracy or breadth of coverage.


Furthermore, we know of no one in the world who can match him in both realms combined.

Fortunately, retail investors are able to access Mike’s brilliant insights through the site and especially in our research and newsletter publications.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your other investment resources, or you’re looking to become a great investor, we publish three investment newsletters to suit your needs. 


We invite you to join other subscribers who have taken the most important step to becoming a great investor.


At AVA Investment Analytics, we publish 3 investment newsletters and provide customized research to financial institutions, financial advisers and serious retail investors.


(1)  The Intelligent Investor is our flagship publication. It is the most comprehensive investment newsletter we know of in the world. See here for more details. See here, here, here and here for our track record.   


(2)  Many investors want a bottom line analysis of the market without the extensive analysis published in the Intelligent Investor. This is why we launched the Market Forecaster newsletter recently. If you want to know where the market is headed, we can think of no better source than Mike Stathis.


The Market Forecaster provides forecasts for the U.S. and emerging markets (excluding Russia).  See here for more details. See here and here for our track record.


(3)  The Dividend Gems provides my most highly recommended dividend securities with active management strategies, as well as discussions of other dividend securities. See here for more details. 


Our publications provide readers with the guidance and insights needed to navigate the financial landmines that promise to be commonplace for years to come. 


As a subscriber to each of these newsletters, you will receive Mike’s best insights and analysis.

He provides guidance, present opportunities, discuss risk, teaches you how to analyze securities, estimate valuation, determine your asset allocation, and many other useful skills drawing upon his many years as an investment professional managing hundreds of separate accounts on Wall Street, advising pension plans and corporate treasury departments, and conducting his own research and analysis. 


There you have it folks. This is about as hard of a sell as we do. We discuss facts. We discuss track records. We discuss our mission to raise your investment IQ. Note the substance of this piece. There are no bogus claims, there are no seductive offers of secrets. There are no copyrighting tricks. We just post documented facts.

As I stated earlier, we don’t want you as a subscriber if you’re looking for a quick hitter or easy money. The former preys on the gambling mentality that is so prevalent today, while the other simply doesn’t exist.

We only want those individuals who are committed to becoming great investors, because even with all of our help you are going to have to put in a good deal of time and effort. There is absolutely no way around that. And if you think you’ve found an exception, I’ll guarantee you’ll learn the hard way.

We don’t want the largest number of subscribers. We want the select few who will look back at themselves year after year and see how they have progressed as investors. Making money from our newsletters is the bonus. And as you can imagine, it’s been a huge bonus.

If you are tired of marketers who focus on sales, have terrible track record, terrible performance and lure you in to their services using greed, fear and panic, why not make a chance and learn the tricks and insights from one of the leading investment minds in the world today?


Don't you think it's about time you stopped paying attention to the snake oil salesmen on TV, on the Internet and in the print media, and start paying attention to the man who got virtually everything right?  


And how has your financial adviser been doing? 


For a fraction of the cost you pay your advisor through fees, you can have access to world-leading insights and investment strategies.


If you don’t have the time to devote to the investment process, at the very least you had better make sure your financial adviser is patched into our research. If he or she isn’t, you might consider advising him to do so, or else find one who will.


So what are you waiting for?

Do you REALLY think you're going to get valuable insight from the media?

Do you REALLY think Wall Street is ahead of the curve?


If so, you are either brand new to investing or else you have a VERY short memory


Investigate the track record of the so-called experts plastered throughout the media – Peter Schiff, Robert Prechter, Nouriel Roubini, Gary Schilling, Martin Weiss, and the rest of the professional marketers. 

We’re not even sure these guys have the slightest idea how to trade, understand valuation analysis, or much of anything else associated with sufficient competency required to outperform the market.But then again, they don't have to. All they have to do is flood the broadcast, print and internet media with sales and marketing pitches, selling panic and greed, all while hiding their track record.

Regardless, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your performance. Based on their performance, it would appear they have very little expertise about anything related to the investment world, other than the marketing side, which is where they spend the majority of their time, effort and money. And the results show.

Marketing, NOT performance, brings in the big money because the market for sheep is huge. They spend most of their time and operating costs on marketing because subscriber turnover is massive. It can be quite expensive finding new sheep to blow up. 

As you probably realize by now, Wall Street analysts aren’t much better.

When you have a miserable track record, you must rely on other ways to generate sales. The best way to achieve this is by sucking up to the media since most people automatically equate media exposure with expertise. As Mike has discussed on many occasions, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do you really think top fund managers listen to these guys? Don’t kid yourself.


Even Robert Kiyosaki has gotten in on the action, claiming to have predicted the collapse because he realizes that he who has media exposure can sell anything, even if it’s a bold-faced lie.



Even Tony Robbins and Kevin Trudeau have gotten in on the financial guru gravy train. 

And of course, we even have talking (pin) heads like Glen Beck, Mark Levine, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, and hundreds if not thousands of other media goons who have instantly become virtual financial advisers.



Finally, there are thousands of amateurs who publish content online based on what they have read and heard from their leaders…all of the above. These amateurs are all over the internet. Their articles can be found plastered on large websites and small. Once you start spending time researching track records, you’re likely to be embarrassed to have entrusted your money on investments pitched by clowns.   

Now if you think Beck, Jones, Keiser, Levine, Kiyosaki and Trudeau are much different than Schiff, Prechter, Schilling, Roubini and Weiss, you’re not thinking clearly.

In contrast, at AVA Investment Analytics, we cater to financial institutions first and foremost because the top investment minds respect Mike’s insights. It's embarrassing for us to even discuss these individuals because they are in no way our competition. But we want to expose the truth. Unlike virtually everyone else plastered throughout the media, we provide our analysis to several top Wall Street firms, financial advisors and fund managers.

We recommend you subscribe now if you want to have access to our research. As well, the current promotional rates will not last forever.

By the time the new site is launched, these promotions will have expired.

In a few years, subscribers who lock in lifetime subscription rates will feel like they are getting our newsletters for close to free after they see new subscribers paying 300% higher rates.





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