ANOTHER Security from Our Recommended List Gets Bought Out

July 9, 2012

Today, WellPoint (WLP) announced a $4.46 billion buyout offer for Amerigroup (AGP), causing shares to soar by 38%.

Since being added to our recommended list just over two years ago, shares of AGP have soared by 330%.

AGP was added to the Intelligent Investor Recommended List in the January 2010 edition of the Intelligent Investor (published on January 3, 2010) at a price of $27 (the chart lists $28 which is wrong) and remained as one of our strongest buy recommendations through most of the time it was on our recommended list.


In less than three year-period in which we have published a recommended securities list, this is the fourth security that has been bought out.  

Each buyout has yielded an average of approximately 40% on the day of the announcement alone.

Keep in mind that our recommended list is quite small, with just over a dozen securities on average since the list was released.

In fact, another security which was planned to be added last month was pulled because it was bought out just days before we planned to add it!

This serves as a reminder that patience is a virtue, but insider insight is priceless, or at least in this case worth 38% in one day or 330% in just over 2 years. 

This begs the question...what is it that we know about valuation and risk that most others don't?  

Why are so many of our recommended securities being bought out?

It doesn't matter if we have evidence in support of our claim that our Chief Investment Strategist, Mike Stathis is CLEARLY one of the top investment minds in the world.

All you care about are results, right?

Well, we would like to congratulate all subscribers who profited from AGP.  We expect many more like this one in the future.



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