We Nailed the Gold Breakout

Did you get in on the gold break out?

We did.

The following is part of the gold forecast we presented in the August 2012 Intelligent Investor (published on August 6, 2012).





You might claim that the gold hacks you follow also nailed the breakout, right?  

Ask yourself how many times they have been forecasting a bullish move in gold, only to come up short.

Folks, if you want to be a successful investor, you sure as hell will never make it if you follow the recommendations of “one-way Charlies”...guys who only know one direction. Such individuals are not real forecasters. They are salesmen.

If you want to do well in the investment process, you had better align yourself with the best. Otherwise, we advise you to stay out of these treacherous markets.

Who is the best?

Ask yourself if you can find anyone in the world who matches the track record of our chief investment strategist, Mike Stathis.

If you can prove your case, you will win $100,000.

Click here to see our $100,000 challenge.

We do not make a habit of documenting all of our winning calls because there are too many and this would consume most of our time.

But we will tell you this. Based on our rough estimates, of all of the things we cover (commodities, foreign currencies, U.S. and emerging markets), about 85% to 90% of ALL of our forecasts have been spot on. It just doesn't get better than that.

Most investors are accustomed to mediocrity at best and horrendous results as the norm because they seem to think that legit experts are aired in the media. This is specifically not the case. Marketers spend most of their time bellying up for media time because they realize that Main Street lacks the financial sophistication to know that these media celebrities are useless chumps. 

There really is no difference between CNBC, FBN, Bloomberg and the rest of the financial media garbage versus infomercials, except the scam artists on infomercials sometimes offer you a Money-back guarantee!

Case and point. Many sheep think that Peter Schiff predicted the financial crisis, or that he predicted "everything we see today." 

They have come to this false conclusion because the media has told them over and over that it is true.

However, Schiff knows damn well that it is not true. Every legitimate financial professional knows this.

Schiff knows he would be unable to make his case when paired up against someone who is both knowledgeable in the financial markets, as well as one who is familiar with his claims. After all, he is not accustomed to going up against knowledgeable individuals. He is used to going up against airheads.

If Mr. Schiff would like to make a wager otherwise, please, I am waiting.

I won’t hold my breath because I know damn well the reality of the matter. You see, like all marketers, Schiff does not need to be right. All he has to do is convinced the sheep that he was right.

Anyone who read America’s Financial Apocalypse, knows who predicted every detail of this collapse. I'm not ashamed to boast about it. After all, to this day, still no one gives me any credit, so it's necessary that I remind everyone of the facts.

More important, it is critical for people to realize that the media has banned the leading expert in the world on the collapse and has instead, positioned airheads and charlatans as experts, most of which happen to be Jewish, not by coincidence either.

In fact, I was the only person to have predicted a depression. Of course, I didn't merely "predict" a depression. I laid out a very convincing case for a depression in Ph.D. thesis-like details.

Incidentally, not only was America’s Financial Apocalypse released BEFORE Schiff’s book Crash Proof, but the recommendations provided in America’s Financial Apocalypse resulted in HUGE gains for those who followed them.

In contrast, Crash Proof turned out to be Crash PRONE.

Perhaps this is why Schiff released Crash Proof 2.0.

I'm sure he is hoping to get things right this time. But I am willing to bet that he will miss the big details like he did in his previous book.

I am also willing to bet that he will keep writing books for the specific purpose of making money and to serve as a marketing pamphlet for his firm, just as his previous books have; and why the hell not? 

After all, he has a large flock of sheep that are (apparently) too stupid to realize that his extremist and delusional ideas fall way short of attractive risk-adjusted investment gains.

Nor do his sheep realize that a buy-and-hold investment strategy is a disaster. In fact, as bad as a buy-and-hold strategy is for the U.S. stock market, it is exponentially worse for Asian and Latin American equities markets.

As a result, his sheep are unlikely to realize the extreme danger in European, Asian and Latin American investments, which are among the most volatile in the world.  What this means is that these markets are very risky. This is a fact that no one can refute. And if you were not aware of this, you have no business investing in the first place.

Remember, Schiff is a stockbroker, not a research analyst. Although he calls himself the global investment strategist, you need to remember that he created this title when he only had three people working for him, so I'm sure at the time everyone at his firm wore several different hats. The fact is that he spends the majority of his time engaged in marketing activities and administrative tasks, not in research.

Hell, you can call yourself anything you want when you are running a company. The big difference is that when it comes to a brokerage firm whereby investors have been led to believe that some guy is doing all of the research, when in fact he is spending most of his day making You Tube videos, talking politics on the radio, giving interviews to the media and making speaking appearences, that raises some serious questions regarding one's designated job description.

Schiff spends a great deal of his time in sales and marketing for a very good reason. I sincerely doubt that he would be able to make consistently accurate forecasts even if he spent 48 hours a day focused on this task.

This is not meant as a slap in the face of Schiff. Consistently forecasting the global economy, the markets, commodities, and so forth, and translating this into consistently profitable investments is extremely difficult to do.

Quite simply, there are not many individuals in the world who can achieve this with notable success. Thus, the easy way out is to sell the perception that you are the guy who does all of the research required to know what is happening on a day to day basis. 

Most of the clients of EuroPacific Capital are likely to believe that Schiff is the guy who is doing constant research. I don't know if that points to deception on Schiff's part as much as it points to stupidity on the part of his clients.

It's past time that Schiff updates his job title with one that reflects his primary efforts, a.k.a., chief marketing strategist and CEO. 

In the near future, we will be continuing our mission to shed light on the reality of the clowns positioned as experts by the Jewish-run media, which seems to focus only on rewarding their Jewish friends with airtime irrespectively of their track records.

We will be releasing the truth about Jim Cramer, discussing his bogus claims of being a successful hedge fund manager, as well as pointing to even more of the realities of CNBC.

We will also be releasing more damning evidence demonstrating that chumps like Zero Hedge and the rest of this huge gang of gold pumpers (i.e. guys who are on their blog list) are all liars and/or idiots. Their only mission is to make money while steering its sheep into the gutter of delusions.

We will also be releasing some new info on Peter Schiff and his once 3-man brokerage firm that was expanded into a large firm through the assistance of the publicity he received from his Jewish friends in the media. This publicity was the result of him being Jewish.

We will also be releasing an article showing you how Schiff spends most of his time marketing.

Now if you want access to this material, as well as many other benefits, including insights from our research and access to our constantly expanding Encylopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes, you will need to either be a paid Member or else a subscriber to at least one of our investment newsletters.

I don't know why anyone who attempt to invest or allow some guy to invest for them, all while forking out 3-4% TOTAL fees without our research anyway.

[That's right, the fees you are quoted represent only a portion of the total fees you are paying, which is just one more reason why you need to get with the program and tune into our insights.]

But hey, I also don't know how Americans can sit idle and let the Washington mafia destroy the United States either.

This was not the first time some Jewish guy running a shoestring fund or firm was made into a millionaire overnight due to the assistance he received from the Jewish media. It happens ALL the time.



If you are not even aware of this simple and obvious fact, I don’t see how you have the presence of mind required to do well in investments. I already wrote about this previously. Have a look.





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