Stathis Nails the Gold & Silver Selloff AGAIN - Jul - Sep 2014

No one knows where gold, silver, the stock market or anything else is headed for sure.
But one thing level-headed people know for certain...
The worst people to seek for guidance and forecasts on gold, silver, stocks, bonds, real estate or any other asset are from those who sell them or get paid to promote them.
With the exception of the precious metals industry, the public marketplaces, exchanges or other venues that enable individuals to buy and sell most asset classes like publicly traded securities (stocks and bonds) and real estate are regulated. That means there is some level of accountability that exists because regulators police the system. If a stock broker or real estate agent screws you, there are many avenues available to the victim to seek justice.
This situation does not exist in the dark and sleazy world of precious metals dealers. Although the CFTC officially regulates the precious metals industry, it really only regulates the precious metals securities.
There is virtually no regulation for dealers of physical precious metals. They can charge whatever they want and they can do and say a lot of things that would causes financial advisers to lose their license.
Due to the lack of regulation, this industry attracts a lot of scum bags. This is why you often see pawn shops buying and selling them (hint, hint).
Remember that it's the precious metals dealers and paid promoters who keep telling you to "buy, buy, buy." They have no exit strategy. They are salesmen.

These are the guys who are selling greed, fear, doom and gloom. 
They keep telling you the end is near for the dollar, and some even claim all currencies are finished! 
They are liars, idiots and con men.
They want you to panic and get scared because you will not question the huge commissions they charge if you are getting something that will be your savior. 
Sorry, but gold is not a savior. Gold is used by crooks to launder money. That's about the extent of its useful purposes!  
What I'm trying to tell you is very simple.
You need to stay away from all precious metals dealers, precious metals websites, precious metals promoters, Wall Street analysts, CNBC, Bloomberg and every other media outlet that promotes and makes money from pumping the stock and precious metals markets.
Only a fool would go to a salesman or paid promoter for information pertaining to the items the salesman makes money from.
Another thing I am certain of as well. The individual best positioned to understand what the future holds is he who has accurately predicted the past.
We aren't talking about crystal ball forecasting here. I'm talking about real research; published, with consistently accurate results. I'm talking about detailed research conducted by an accomplished and experienced investment strategist.
I'm talking about a man who covers more investment sectors, asset classes and forecasting categories more accurately than anyone I have ever seen. I am talking about Mike Stathis.
Mike Stathis holds the leading investment forecasting track record since 2006. No one has furnished any evidence to begin to challenge that claim.
We have even issued a $100,000 prize to the first person who can prove that there is another person who can match Mike's track record. 
After 4 years of waiting for someone to submit a challenge to try and collect this reward, not a single entry has been made! 
The reason for this is due to the fact that Mike Stathis holds the leading investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006. The evidence is undeniable.
A portion of Mike Stathis' Track Record can be examined here, herehere and here.
Despite Mike's remarkable track record, he continues to be banned by the criminal media establishment. Instead, the media elects to air con men, hacks and idiots, the vast majority of which are Jewish.
The favoritism for Jews by Jewish-run businesses is most easily seen in the media, Hollywood and the financial industry. This illegal behavior is responsible for massive amounts of theft from the average American household.
But the criminality committed by the Jewish Mafia is much, much larger and spans virtually every segment of white collar crime. We see similar levels of criminal control by the Jewish Mafia in other Western nations as well.
When you speak out against the widespread criminality and discrimination committed by the Jewish Mafia, most Jews and those who have been brainwashed by Jewish brainwashing (via Hollywood and the political establishment which is also run by the Jewish Mafia) call you "Anti-Semitic" as a cover.
In essence, the Jewish Mafia has made it socially acceptable to transform a whistleblower into a bad person though defamation. That is what I call complete mind control.
The Jewish Mafia has developed great expertise devising ways to get people to blame the victims while they get away with wrong doings. I see it every single day.
They are the ones who have made it popular to blame the girl who was raped instead of going after the man who raped her. This is a huge issue which we will continue to expose in the near future.
Most people will not discuss these issues because they have been paralyzed with fear. In today's modern world you cannot mention the Jewish Mafia or anything about Jews unless it is complimentary.
And if you state facts that demonstrate the power of the Jewish Mafia, such as the fact that the Jewish Mafia controls the Western media or banking system, you are most often labeled "Anti-Semitic."
It must be nice to have such a cover that enables you to get away with massive fraud over and over, all while vilifying the messenger.
Many Jewish individuals are aware of these issues, although they are not directly involved with the Jewish Mafia. While many derive benefits as a result of being Jewish, many do not. Yet, even those Jews who have suffered at the hands of the Jewish Mafia refuse to say anything about it.
Note that more than 70 percent of our subscribers are Jewish. If Mike Stathis was Anti-Semitic, he could easily refuse to allow Jewish individuals to subscribe to his research. At the same time, if he were concerned about pleasing his subscriber base, he would not bring up the Jewish Mafia. Mike is driven by the truth.
For now, just remember. If you want to have the best chance of knowing what to expect in the future, you need to seek the guidance of those who have no agendas and those who have assembled a consistent track record of accurate forecasts and guidance.
Here, we show once again how Mike Stathis nailed the gold and silver trade.
If you want to know where gold and silver are headed, your best source isn't some shady con men who sell gold or silver.
Your best source is the man who has the leading investment forecasting track record since 2006; the man who began putting his clients in gold stocks in 2001; the man who recommended gold and silver in his 2006 book; the man who warned people they should not buy gold when it was over $1200; the man who warned that gold would hit $2000 then collapse and remain low for many years; the man who warned against buying physical gold and silver due to the industry being run by con men who charge huge fees; the man praised by Kitco's chief precious metals analyst as having documented the precise details of the precious metals manipulation scam being carried out by gold dealers; the man who advised people to only buy gold and silver ETFs in order to trade the volatility, enhance liquidity and boost your total return since fees were miniscule.
Upon review of all of the predictions and forecasts made by everyone out there, ask yourself who was right and who was wrong.
Ever since he began publishing research reports, Mike Stathis has been right about virtually everything he has forecast on the economy, the stock market, commodities, precious metals and much more; that's nearly a decade.
And on rare occassion when he is wrong, he points it out as soon as he realizes his error instead of sticking to it like a fool who stays with a sinking ship. That is what you would expect from a real analyst and investment strategist.
The guys who keep pitching the same lines when they continue to be wrong month after month and year after year are certainly not analysts or strategists. They are snake oil salesmen.
Never go to snake oil salesmen for investment advise or analysis unless you want to kiss your money goodbye. 

From the July 2014 issue of the Intelligent Investor (Part 1)
From the September 2014 issue of the Intelligent Investor (Part 1)
No matter how much we expose charlatans, some people will never get it.
They have been sucked in too deep to be rescued.
They will keep hanging around the wrong people. And they will keep listening to slick con men.
The largest market is that which serves sheep, which is why you see so many televangelists and self-help gurus with millions of followers.
The financial industry and media really aren't much different.  
A portion of Mike Stathis' Track Record can be examined here, herehere and here.
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