Mike Explains Why Alternative Media and Anti-Establishment Groups Are a HUGE Scam

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Over the past two decades, many individuals have apparently come to accept the so-called "alternative" media as a legitimate and trusted source of news and information.

There are a variety of reasons for the recent growth of the "alternative" media. Namely, public trust in the so-called "mainstream" media and establishment has faded over this period due to many lies that have been exposed.  

However, I want to be very clear. The so-called "alternative" media is much worse than the so-called "mainstream" media.

I refer to these two segments of the media as "so-called" because they are really one in the same since they are both controlled by the Jewish mafia.

The fact is that all "alternative" media is fake news. By now you should understand that most "alternative" media is designed with the intent of generating advertisement revenues as a result of fear-mongering. 

The general theme used by most "alternative" media is to label the establishment and everything connected to it as the "bad guy" while claiming to be the "good guy."  So if you distrust the establishment and everything connected to it, you'll be seeking out alternatives. And if you trust the "alternative" media, you'll also trust the "solutions" it has for you, which are always offered during advertisements. 

So how does the "alternative" media operate?

It's quite simple actually.

The typical operations model of alternative media firms is as follows.

1. Make up wild claims based on the premise that the establishment threatens the life, liberty, freedom, health and financial stability of the public.

2. Next, recruit clowns who will tow the fear-mongering line to come onto your show and claim they are experts.

In return for spewing your shows' fear-mongering narrative, you promote the books of these "experts" and anything else they pitch. It's an implicit tit for tat arrangement that doesn't even need to be discussed.  These "experts" almost always have virtually no credibility whatsoever. 

3. Once this disinformation has been sold to the sheep (your audience) you provide these suckers with "solutions" to the threats you claim they are subject to.

Of course these "solutions" come from your sponsors, who agree to pay a high price for the opportunity to advertise their "solutions" on your show. In the vast majority of cases, these "solutions" are little more than snake oil. 

Consequently, the same individuals who claim to have been "woken up" by claims made by the "alternative" media have fallen for various anti-establishment movements.

Much in the same manner as the so-called "alternative" media, all anti-establishment movements have been created in order to operate businesses specifically designed to exploit the misfortune and/or fear of many individuals, or else to serve as controlled opposition.

There are so many of these movements that it would be a difficult task to list each one here. However, so-called anti-Wall Street, anti-Federal Reserve, anti-income tax, anti-war groups as well as so-called "libertarians" make up a good portion of these anti-establishment movements. 

Let me be clear. All anti-establishment movements are scam organizations/movements that seek to exploit naive and/or emotionally disturbed individuals. 

Remember to always follow the money trail. Anyone who has exposure has been bought off.

Finally, if you want to have full control over your life, avoid all media. Avoid all ad-based content.   

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