US Corporations Don't Need a Tax Cut. Working Class Americans Do. Lessons in Media Deception

Now that Trump's so-called "tax reform" has passed, I wanted to discuss the myths that have been spread in order to justify what is in reality an unproductive tax cut for corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

For several years now the claim has been made that US corporations pay the highest tax rate in the world. Although many who have made this claim are simply ignorant puppets who repeat what they have been told, others know they are intentionally deceiving the public. I'll refer to this latter group as corporate shills.  

Shills hold a prominent position in America's criminal media machine, either as reporters or as guests (often referred to as "experts" by the media). Quite simply these shills serve as PR agents for America's corporate fascist economic system. Sadly, many Americans actually believe these shills are making factual statements and speaking the truth. As a result, most have accepted their countless deceptive and inaccurate claims without bothering to verify them. 

Every time these shills find an opportunity to beef up the corporate state in the name of "free market capitalism" they spread more lies in order to sufficiently brainwash the working class into "digging their own graves" so to speak, by getting them to support the very policies that bolster corporate interests at the expense of their own living standards.

The same basic strategy has been utilized in order to convince most Americans the notion that "universal healthcare is a terrible idea" because it would "reduce the quality of medical care"...and that the "war on terrorism is real and necessary in order to "preserve and protect our way of life."

The list of ridiculous narratives disseminated by these shills is quite lengthy as you can imagine. Regardless which of the countless lies we are talking about, they all have one thing in common. They are always linked to scare tactics because Washington uses fear and panic in order to justify its actions. 

At the end of the day, not even the most sophisticated tactics will be effective unless the shills have enough suckers who will believe their propaganda. Unfortunately, most Americans are easily duped when presented with superficial data due to their inability to think clearly.

As I have previously discussed, many people have lost the ability to think clearly due to the takeover of their mind by various forms of media brainwashing as well as mind control tactics via the education system, the social system (i.e. implicit rules of thought and behavior as shaped by authority figures) and pressure in the workplace (such as political correctness and the need to be a good "corporate citizen" in order to advance in your career). Thus, when they see a chart seems to illustrate that US corporations pay the highest tax rate in the world, they believe it without digging deeper. 

For instance, most Americans don't bother to ask whether this tax rate is the final mean tax rate once all deductions and tax credits have been applied, or to what extent US corporations provide tax revenues relative to economic growth, nor do they bother to ask to what extent are corporations contributing tax revenues to the government compared to individual tax payers. These important considerations along with supporting data are shown later.  

It is by no coincidence that George Mason University has been cited in the above chart, as this third-rate university's Mercatus Center is largely funded by the Koch brothers and other so-called "libertarian" charlatans who have fooled many working class Americans to support corporate fascism, outsourcing and lower corporate taxes at the expense of American jobs, lower wages and higher individual tax rates.

Various corporate shills plastered throughout the media have claimed that Trump's "tax reform" will lead to more US jobs and stronger economic growth. They claim that the supposedly "high" US corporate tax rate is partly responsible for America's self-destructive outsourcing trend (they don't specifically use words like "outsourcing" because they do not want to remind Americans about this form of economic treason). Thus, they claim that lowering the corporate tax rate would enable US corporations to invest more into US operations and therefore create "more US-based jobs."

As you shall soon see, the US corporate tax rate is not nearly as high as reported. And by some measures it has actually been in decline for many decades.

Moreover, this so-called "high" corporate tax rate has had nothing to do with corporate America's destructive outsourcing trend which has resulted in the loss of millions of good jobs. This...

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