Global Economic Analysis. Focus: BRAZIL

The following video is Part 1 of a 3-part presentation on the Brazilian economy. It has been provided at no charge to the general public.

Each video is approximately 20 minutes and the discussion and analysis is led by Mike Stathis, chief investment strategist of AVA Investment Analytics.

Part 1 serves as a light introduction to this presentation and does not address specific economic data other than poverty issues.  

In Part 2 and 3 of this presentation we dive into the economic data.

In this 3-part video presentation, Mike goes over Brazil’s past, present and future, discussing economic growth expectations, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, current account balance, trade balance and trade wars, consumer strength, the property market, strength of the banking system, the Brazilian market ETF (EWZ), the real, and much more.

Mike takes the data, analyzes it and discusses how it all factors into economic risk which pertains to investment risk and opportunity.   


Some of the Questions Answered in this Presentation Include:

1. How is the Brazilian economy faring?

2. How will Brazil’s economy do in 2014?

3. What will Brazil’s longer-term economic growth rate be?

4. How strong is Brazil’s banking system?

5. Is there a real estate bubble in Brazil?

6. How strong are Brazilian consumers?

7. What is going on with the real?

8. Does Brazil’s low unemployment rate justify its economic health?

9. What are the main risks to the Brazilian economy?

10. What does Brazil need to do to get back on track?

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