Did You Own the BEST PERFORMING Stock in 2011? WE DID

Originally published on September 5, 2012


What was the best performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2011? 

McDonald's (MCD)

It returned a whopping 31%.

And this stock is was entered on our recommended list at a price of $76 on April 11, 2011. And we rode shares all the way up through December 2011.



In December, when MCD was trading for $99, we recommended selling the position, warning of a large retracement due to a variety of factors.

We continued to issue these warnings in 2012.



Did you own MCD since the beginning of 2012?

If so, you've gotten crushed thus far.

After setting an all-time high of $102 in January 2012, shares have since collapsed as low as $85.

Year-to-date, MCD is down by 15% versus a 7% gain for the Dow.

That's a huge decline for a blue-chip, especially considering that the Dow is up for 7% for the year.

What did we tell investors about MCD?


By the end of 2011, we recommended selling MCD and advised buying it in the mid-80s or possibly low-80s.


We have continued to provide profitable trading guidance since then.

But we also profiled MCD in our April 30 video presentation, 20 Stocks Over $100.




In this presentation, we advised against buying MCD until  it reached the mid-80s, or maybe the low-80s.

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AAPL (Apple) & BIIB (Biogen Idec)

AMZN (Amazon) & LO (Lorillard)

BLK (Blackrock) & CMI (Cummins)

CMG (Chipotle) & RL (Ralph Lauren)

GOOG (Google) & CRM (

IBM (IBM) & PX (Praxair)

MA (MasterCard) & FOSL (Fossil)

MCD (McDonalds) & ISRG (Intuitive Surgical)

NKE (Nike) & PNRA (Panera)

V (Visa) & PCLN (



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