Since the Market Lows, Only One Man Continues to Shine

Today marks the three-year anniversary since the market bottomed on March 9, 2009. Since that time, the market is up by around 100%.
Even by the two-year anniversary of the market bottom in 2011, the market was up by 100%.
Since that time, Mr. Stathis has successfully guided his clients through each market correction. 
As many of you will recall, this was also the day that Mike Stathis issued his first market buy recommendation at a time when investors were running for the hills. 
Even before that time, he issued several accurate warnings.
Based on our extensive research, we have identified Mr. Stathis as the only financial professional in the world to have correctly predicted the bottom in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in advance and in print, AND advised the world to begin buying into the market at the exact bottom.
Note that over the 17-month stretch during the Dow’s decline from its October 2007 highs of over 14,160, not once did he issue a market buy.
He first warned investors about the current depression, collapse in real estate pricing, implosion of the MBS market, collapse in the global markets and a bottom of around 6000-6200 in the Dow in his landmark 2006 book, America’s Financial Apocalypse
Then in the summer of August 2008, he pointed to the timing of this bottom. 
At the same time, the media celebrities who have been positioned as “investment experts” were doing what they are best at; serving as market cheerleaders and market doomers.
As you will recall, the bull market extremists were issuing buy signals all the way down from month to month, pulling their sheep audience into the abyss at high levels.
Even worse, the perpetual doomers have continued to issue sell orders to their sheep audience since the market hit its lows in 2009. Some of these clowns have even recommended shorting the market using 200% leverage
The media has continued to make false claims regarding the track records of every single one of these professional marketers. Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff serve as excellent examples. 
Does Peter Schiff still like the euro?  Surely not, right?  Watch this Video
You see, when you're a salesman, you have to stick with the same theme because it's your pitch. The only problem is that Schiff is investing money for his clients.
So just how misguided is Peter Schiff?  
See this link for past discussions.
In all fairness, we all know that stocks go up and stocks go down. The problem is that Schiff is a BUY-AND-HOLD guy.  And by now we all know what happens to those who buy-and-hold.
All of these guys are the same, whether it's Martin Weiss, Porter Stansberry or Harry Dent. They just have their own twist on how they position themselves. 
Some of these clowns use a different strategy. Instead of sticking with the same sales pitch throughout their career, they flip-flop. In fact, they flip-flop so often that if you follow what they say you are likely to become dizzy. Unfortunately, when they flip-flop it’s almost always too late. 
If you were not fortunate enough to have read America’s Financial Apocalypse or Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble in a timely fashion, we regret to inform you that you missed out of the easy money in decades.
If you had read these books, you would know Stathis recommended the following:
  • Short Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, other mortgage lenders (which are now bankrupt)
  • Short General Electric and General Motors
  • Short the homebuilders
  • Short the banks (with more caution)
  • Get out of the stock market to raise cash
  • Wait for the collapse then position for longer-term with oil trusts and other oil securities, gold, healthcare securities

Some of the other notable forecasts provided in these books and follow-up articles and research include:

  • A collapse of residential median real estate prices of between 30% to 35% from the peak (the current decline is 34%, 5 years later); no one in the world provided such an accurate longstanding forecast for real estate pricing.
  • An inflationary depression lasting at least a decade
  • An intentional creation of inflation by the Federal Reserve in order to pay off the national debt
In addition, these books provided unprecedented insight and analysis which focused on:
  • Unraveling the entitlements problem (which the media only began to discuss in 2010)
  • Warned about the commodity correction and advised to buy commodities and Chinese securities after the correction
  • The wealth and income disparity (which the media only began to address in 2010)
  • U.S. trade policy which has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs (which the media continues to avoid for political reasons)
  • The healthcare crisis (which still has not been accurately portrayed by the media or Washington) 

By the media banning Stathis, that means many of you lost a great deal of your retirement savings.
If only Stathis had received a tiny sliver of attention due to him, he could have saved millions from massive losses. 
He was never there to try to make millions pitching gold or securities like the clowns interviewed by the media.
He simply tried to save the people from being exploited by Wall Street.
Despite the fact that Mr. Stathis has been banned by the media ever since these books were released, the fact is that most purchases were made by INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS.
Who read these books? 
While we certainly don’t know many of the readers, we do know for a fact that several key asset managers and executive management from the following firms read these books:

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Pershing Square Capital, GAMCO (Gabelli and Mathers & Co., Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., Hayman Capital Partners

In addition, numerous hedge fund staff, lead fund managers, analysts and large independent financial advisers read these books (we are not at liberty to disclose the names of these individuals, but we can guarantee you that you would recognize the names). 
Those that didn’t read these books in a timely manner have paid a huge price.
Given the fact that Mr. Stathis has received no exposure or credit whatsoever for his world-leading track record and brilliant insights, it is remarkable that these Wall Street firms found out about him and his books.
The reason is simple.
These guys do not pay attention to the media. They all know each other and when they come across something really good, they spread the word into their network. 
It is for this reason that through the guidance of Mr. Stathis, AVA Investment Analytics provides cutting-edge research to institutions, funds, and financial advisers. 
No one in the world came close to making the remarkably detailed and accurate calls made by Stathis. 
In fact, virtually no one even bothered to make specific forecasts or recommendations. Yet, the clowns positioned in the media as experts continue to receive media spotlight for very obvious reasons.
What are these reasons?
First and foremost, regardless how insightful or accomplished you might be, if you are not Jewish, have a Jewish spouse, or are connected with Jews, you will have a very difficult time being interviewed by the Jewish-run media.
Schiff, Faber, Roubini, Schilling, Shiller, Weiss, Cramer, Kass, Ritholtz, Whitney, Schaefer, Zandi, Stein, etc...all Jewish...all member of the financial media club...all with miserable track records.
What is the reason for this?
Some of you may find this difficult to believe, but we have extensive evidence to back this claim.
Others, specifically some of our Jewish readers and clients may not want to accept it, or you may not be able to relate to this behavior, but I can assure you it is 100% accurate.
Anyone who carefully monitors who gets media coverage will soon begin to spot obvious trends; namely a hugely disproportionate representation of Jews not only working and running the various sectors of the media, but also the guests they position as experts.
Furthermore, once you begin to conduct due diligence on these so-called experts you will find that in the vast majority of cases they have horrendous track records  
Second, the media only cares to serve the agendas of its financial sponsors.
And since Wall Street provides the majority of advertising revenues to the financial media, media executives only care to serve the agendas of Wall Street. As a result, the media airs individuals who are naïve, clueless or extremists in order to create confusion. This serves the agendas of online brokers as well as Wall Street. 
Finally, the media tries to read the motives of prospective individuals prior to major interviews to determine whether they can be bought off in the form of free promotion in return for sticking to the agendas of the media. This is more often than not an implied understanding. 
Thus, you can never trust anyone in the media because they have been bought off, or else are just plain too naive to know what's going on. In either case, this supports the agendas of the media because it means the sheep remain in the dark while Wall Street prepares to slice them up.
If the media producers feel that the individual is truly credible and truly honest and noble and concerned for justice and equity and wishes to expose massive fraud, the media will shut them down in order to protect its sponsors since we all know most fraud is committed by corporate giants and the financial industry.
We see similar behavior on the Internet, where Stathis has been banned completely. The fact is that if you aren’t pumping up delusions of gold and doomsday, you aren’t welcome on most non-corporate sites.
And as for the corporate media sites, if you tell the truth they sure as hell don’t want you because their purpose is to provide a cover for Wall Street and serve as cheerleaders for the economy.
The media knows what it stands for; marketing and manipulation rather than valuable and unbiased content. People need to start realizing this. 
The problem most investors make is to accept the viewpoints of extremists; either perma-bulls or perma-bears.
And when one comes across a presentation as found in America’s Financial Apocalypse, most investors tend to go remain bearish indefinitely. This has caused them to miss the biggest market rally in decades.
The fact is that all of the media’s so-called experts have one gear; either up or down. This means they advocate a buy-and-hold strategy with no active management.
Why do they advocate this approach?
Because they have very little ability to consistently navigate the ups and downs of the market. In addition, they are salesmen so they pitch a story line. You see, it's much easier to sell a story than it is to be right. The objective is to convince people to give you their money to invest.
Every single one of these clowns has been saying the same thing for many years and they will be saying the same thing until the day they die. Hell, eventually they will be right; or won't they?  
Take a look at this video of Peter Schiff back in 2002, back when his brokerage firm had 3 employees. Notice how he sounds like a broken record.  The problem is he was very wrong about SO many things.
Peter's fortunes have changed dramatically since the days before he was inducted into the financial media club. But you shouldn't assume Schiff is now a wealthy man because his forecasts were right; quite the contrary.
You see, as long as you can get plastered all over TV every day and counter what the perma-bull establishment says, you will convince naive investors to send you their money for which you will charge commissions to buy securities. And no matter how much money you lose for these clients, there is no claw-back.
Another trick utilized by some of these charlatans is that they will cover all sides of the picture over time so that they cannot possibly be wrong.
Jim Cramer uses this approach as a normal part of his broadcasting airtime. And he is effective in duping his audience because they are naïve, unsophisticated and they have poor memories.
The promotion experts positioned as investment experts realize that most people are lazy and want simple solutions. They want easy money, so these salesmen pitch extreme story lines. 
This is the same strategy used by the infomercial con artists who are still telling people that they know the secrets to making millions of dollars in real estate. 
So if you want to align your retirement savings with these extremists, I hope you have no plans to retire because you are not likely to have much to live on. 
If you want to break away from the herd and severe your dependence on the clowns in the media, Wall Street and other salesmen, we invite you to join as a client of our research.
Mike Stathis continues to hold the leading track record in the world on the economic collapse. And he has backed that claim with a $100,000 reward for the first person who can prove otherwise.
This reward has been active for nearly 3 years now. And despite the fact that it has been views by thousands, we have to date not received a single challenge for this reward.
We have notified every member of the media club of this reward as well, requesting that they send us their own track record if they think they can at least match that of Mr. Stathis. We have received no entries and no response.
By now, is it any mystery as to why?
These guys know that the name of the game isn’t about being accurate.
It’s all about getting media exposure because most people assume that those who receive media exposure are credible, have good track records, and are amongst the best in their field. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the world. 
The fact is that only suckers pat attention to the media for financial and economic insight.
As for the smart money, it's listening to what we have to say.







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