60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves

Update: August 5, 2014

We are still offering this video series for purchase even though it was published in May 2012. Although much (if not all) of the opportunities have been exhausted from this presentation due to the passing of time, we are offering this 9-hour video series at a very reduce rate for the purpose as serving as an educational resource. Everything Mike produces is educational and this video series is no exception. Note that those who purchase access to this series will only be able to view these videos. They are not permitted to retain ownership or copy these videos.

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A Special Educational Opportunity



Recently, we presented the results of 25 stocks we earmarked for significant downside in the Intelligent Investor newsletter (see here).

Next week we plan to release a special video presentation highlighting approximately 60 securities we think will be poised to deliver outstanding returns, IF you know when and at what price to enter.


Since we conducted this analysis 4 weeks ago, some of these stocks have already returned up to 80%.




As many will recall, we also predicted the collapse resulting from the pump-and-dump in Groupon, Facebook and other social media stocks.



We feel there are many additional trading opportunities ahead, not only for those stocks that have not made their moves, but for those that already have.

In addition, we previously alerted readers prior to the collapse of LDK Solar (see here and here). Mike also reiterated his recommendation to short Blockbuster Video and go long Netflix from his 2008 book the Wall Street Investment Bible, in two follow-up pieces (here, here and here).


This list of 60 securities has been developed by our equities research team overseen by Mike Stathis and is the result of screening more than 1000 securities, factoring in economic risk, valuation, fundamentals, market risk and valuation and other variables.

For each security we will present an overview of risks specific to the firm, as well as external risks and opportunities, relative valuation, desired entry price and our price expectations.

We will also discuss certain assumptions that were factored into the selection of these securities as well as a general forecast of market movement over the short, intermediate and longer-term.

We will devote more time to those securities we feel offer the best chance of significant upside.


This video presentation is expected to last 4-6 hours and may be delivered in several parts over a period of several days.


Cost of the Presentation

The following rates apply only to non-professional investors. Analysts, fund managers and financial advisers interested in access to this presentation should contact us for pricing.

The cost for access to this video presentation is $899.


Newsletter subscribers receive the discounted rate of $699.

Early-bird discount: Those who also order this video presentation before midnight (EST) May 26 will receive a $200 refund off of the normal cost. 


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Additional Notes about this Presentation

1. There is no overlap between this presentation and the previous one (“20 Stocks selling Over $100”)

2. There is no overlap between securities covered in this presentation and those covered in either the Intelligent Investor or Dividend Gems.

3. We need a minimum number of orders prior to production of this presentation. If we do not receive the minimum number, we will issue a refund to those who have paid in advance within 48 hours of the early-bird deadline.

4. This presentation is not meant to serve as a “Holy Grail” or magic bullet to excellent returns. It merely represents what we feel to be the best investment opportunities at the stated entry levels based on our assessments of valuation, fundamentals, economic risk, market forecasts and other variables at the time of publication. Thus far, our previous analysis of some of these securities has yielded huge upside.  






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